Saturday, August 27, 2011

Talk to Me – Crockpot Meals

So in preparation for the arrival of our little one I have been thinking about food.  Ok, who am I kidding, I pretty much think about food ALL. THE. TIME these days.

I am going to make a few things within the next week to freeze so that the first couple weeks T & I, as crazy new parents, can at least have something available to eat that is quick, semi healthy and gives us a bit of energy!

However, we are also going to start preparing more food at home, especially when T. is home with our little man.  And even though my husband is actually a great cook, I think having some great go to crockpot recipes are a MUST!

So what are your favorite crockpot recipes? 

Any websites you like to go to for delicious recipes?

I always make the same thing…pot roast.  And while it is delicious, I really think we need to expand our crockpot recipe repertoire just a bit.


  1. a beef roast with potatoes and carrots is one of my favorites. No real recipe, just season the meat with whatever you like, add veggies and let it go on low for the whole day.

    I also make a chicken stroganoff type thing fairly often. I put as many frozen chicken breasts in my crockpot as I can, add 2 cans of cream of *** soup (whatever you like: mushroom, chicken potato, celery...I typically use one mushroom and one celery), on package of dry lipton onion soup mix, one soup can of water. Let it cook all day. Just before eating I boil some egg noodles. Add a bit of sour cream to the crockpot and stir - the chicken will fall apart. Serve over the noodles.

    I've also made pepper steak - just modified my Betty Crocker recipe a bit.

    (I'm interested to see what else you get here...I LOVE using my crock pot!)

  2. my favorite thing to make in the crock pot is applesauce. Every year I do this with my preschool class and its AWESOME!!!!!! Someday Henry might be a fan. Anyway, i have a crock pot cook book I love and in my non-vegetarian days made lots of chicken recipes. The book is 'Fix It and Forget It Cookbook.' Authors are Dawn J. Ranck & Phyllis Pellman Good. I can not remember where I got it, but I'm sure Amazon has it. Favorites in there were Cola Chicken, Corn Pudding (a huge hit with family and co-workers many times!) Enjoy using your crock pot. Just be sure you have a good one and you'll be set!

  3. (I want to hear more about the applesauce!)

    Jenn - I'm terrible with my crock pot. :( I wish I did more cool things. I have nothing to offer.

    After the girls, though - we ate a LOT of soups. You can make them and they last for several days. :)

  4. Sarah, Thanks! That chicken stroganoff sounds SO good! I will be trying that one out for sure.

    April, I agree with Kylee.....please share this applesauce recipe! I love applesauce and it sounds VERY tasty!

    Kylee, I am with you...I am horrible at using the crockpot. I use it maybe 3 times a year and it is for the same thing - a pot roast or my cream chicken sandwiches. And it is SO easy I wish I used it more. And I am glad we are having Henry in the fall because I think soups and homestyle meals will be eaten a lot :)

  5. This is my new favorite recipe website:

    Go to it and search for "crock pot" and you'll get a ton of recipes. What I love best is that they are all so easy to make.

    I love my crock pot. Nothing better than coming home to something that's been cooking all day.

    (OMG, 11 days left! Yay!)

  6. M. I just checked out that website...LOVE IT! Thanks for the suggestion!

    (I know...crazy, right?!)