Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What, We Are Out of Soap & Toilet Paper….Again?!

(Yes, I searched toilet paper fairy and found this.  I love the interweb!)

Unfortunately, I must say that this is a normal occurrence in our house.  You know when you completely run out of something WHEN you actually need that item.

For example, when you run in to use the bathroom and reach for toilet paper and there is one little sheet left and half of that sheet is stuck to the paper roll with glue.  And then you look in the TP holder and nothing.  And then you shout to your husband and he says “I used the last of it earlier” and brings you napkins. Nice. (It is even better when the husband isn’t there….then I think we can all admit we take whatever steps are necessary to clean up our situation.)

Or take the other morning for example.  I turn the shower on and am about ready to get in when I notice there is a tiny little sliver of what I believe use to be a bar of soap in our shower.  It was so tiny and fragile that if one were to pick it up I think it would just dissolve in their hands.  Just the day before, it was a beautiful and healthy piece of soap, which raises my suspicions of what Terry managed to do with that soap in the course of a day to make it dissolve to hardly anything. hmmmmm  So anywho, as the shower is running, I go to the closet to grab another bar of soap to which I notice there is no soap to be found in the closet.  I would like to say I was surprised by this but alas, I was not.  So instead I got to use raspberry liquid hand soap and hot water.  Yeah, I smelled fruity and felt a bit smarmy all day.

Even the cats get screwed over by people not telling me they used the last of the food and then when you go to feed the cats because they have no food in their bowls and they are looking at you with hungry eyes (I really hope every one of you sings those two words) and there is nothing you can give them and then the cats walk away, clearly showing their disapproval for you as a provider and you know something will be scratched up in the house or a pile of puke will strategically be hidden so you step it in.

We have three adults in our house but typically, based on our schedules, only one of those adults does all the shopping for the house. *cough cough* I always remind people that if you use the last of something, or better yet notice one left to let me know, but of course that is not always the case.  So instead we run around the house, sometimes awkwardly and/or half naked if we are alone, trying to find items that will fill in for the items we do not have but need. 

Yeah…fun times!

Of course, I could go around weekly and take inventory of what is needed….however that is not me nor how our relationship works.  I feel we are both adults and should take responsibility for what we use and should replace items we use and it is not my sole responsibility. I am stubborn.  Now granted, if I notice something is running low, I will go get it….but many items like TP & soap (which are kept in the closet and out of sight) I may not be the one to refill the supply in the bathroom so I have no idea how low we really are.

The not so nice me is thinking about keeping my own supply of TP, soap, toothpaste and other products in a secret place so even if we run out I will ALWAYS have something for me and only me and the rest of them will learn to get their own and have to be smelly! (Insert evil laugh….BWAH HA HA!)

I just find it interesting how we always run out of stuff and no one remembers to pick up more.  What is even more interesting is when the items are gone before I get in there and I think the previous person used the last of it and when I mention it is gone T. says “yeah, it was all gone for me too”! WHAT?!   

Sooooooo A) what did you use to replace the item or did you just go without, B) you couldn’t give me a heads up we were out of XYZ even if I didn't have time to go to the store first so I could at least be prepared when I was about to not have said item, or C) were you ever going to replace said item or just be stinky until the magic TP fairy delivered your monthly supply?! 

Aw, the beauty that is living with someone :)

Please tell me this happens in your house too?

For the record: In ONE week we ran out of TP, toothpaste, soap, trash bags, dishwasher soap, laundry detergent, and I personally ran out of saline and some feminine products.  Why is it that it never fails that you run out of all this stuff at the same time and easily spend over $100 at the store for just a few items!  Crazy!  I really wish there was a magic fairy to make sure we always had a full supply of home items in our house!


  1. I feel your pain! I get irritated when *someone* uses the last of the coffee creamer but doesn't tell me. Umm, hello! Only *one* other person uses coffee creamer besides myself, and it's not either one of our children, so I know who the culprit is!!

    I fully support your idea for your own little stash!

  2. Shockingly, my husband is pretty good about not letting things run out. And he's normally the one who actually goes out and buys the stuff so I guess I can't really complain about that, either. Which is fortunate, because napkins are very chafe-y. :)

    HOWEVER. If we get a variety box of 100-calorie packs, he will always eat the ones that are my favorites! Meanie.

  3. This happens in our house all the time. But, it's not due to just thinking a 'fairy' comes in and replaces things, it's because we just simply forget. You use the last of something, think "I need to write down that we need xyz", then get distracted by kids and that thought goes away. Then, you go to use xyz and get irritated at yourself that you are in your 30s, yet have the memory of an 80 year old. ;)

    Because of this, I've started buying things in BULK. Take THAT to my memory. Ha.

  4. hahahaa!! i just read the title and pictured you drip-drying as you sing a tune and/or going to work dirty from not having any soap around : )

  5. While this doesn't happen to me at home (sad single), it happens at work ALL THE TIME! I tell my staff during orientation, multiple times, 'if something is getting low, let me know.' (It even rhymes!) 'I don't always have time to go to the store, so let me know in advance.'
    Ultimately, it almost never happens.

    'Oh, by the way April, we have no more band aids, bleach (which we use to clean everything), extra underwear for the kids (that makes for a GREAT day when someone has had a potty accident and we have NO EXTRAS!!!) and last week during our BUSIEST WEEK OF THE YEAR we ran out of paper towels. The Janitor 'forgot' to get more! How does that happen?!!!!!

    This is one of my biggest pet peeves and I just wish people would GROW UP. (ultimately though, I know the problem is us, because we keep enabling them.

    The secret stash is a good idea. There are some items I do keep in my office 'hidden' and always seem to magically have certain things when others are out. My 'mild' OCD/planning has saved me more than once.!