Monday, August 29, 2011

Pinterest Question

Does anyone have an answer for this Pinterest newbie?

So when I started Pinterest it showed that I was following a bunch of people.  If I went to the “PEOPLE” list then “people you follow” it showed at least a dozen or more people.  But now when I go to that list it only shows 4 or 5 people.  However, when I go to someones boards who I was following before it shows that I am following that person....or at least I would assume as it says under their profile and boards "unfollow".

What up with that?!   

Do I need to “unfollow” then re-follow those people again?

Also, when people do stuff it doesn’t show up on my main page under my profile picture….is it suppose to?  I was just curious because I haven’t been able to tell when friends “pin” things even though I have it marked under my preferences.

Any Pinterest help would be appreciated!!


  1. i have the SAME QUESTIONS!!!

  2. I have a pinterst post scheduled for tomorrow... I'll see if I can get that answer for you.

  3. P.S. ELEVEN DAYS TO GO??????

  4. That is so weird and I have no insight, BUT, yay Pinterest!

    PS I got an email notice today that you were following me? I also got one last week though, when you started Pinterest?

    PPS You will have to do one of our Pinterest challenges!

  5. T.L. I am glad I am not the only one :)I am so confused

    Ky, I am very much looking forward to your post! (And I know - 11 days - AAAAHHHH! It doesn't seem real at all.)

    Wendy, I unfollowed a bunch of people and re-followed you to see if you would be on my list. You were one of the many people who I was following and then you disappeared off my list of people I follow. Weird! But you are back for now :)

    And yes I will, they look like fun!

  6. I think that pinterest doesn't understand that people are the same people.

    For example, when you link to your facebook friends and happen to have the same twitter friends, pinterest doesn't seem to have ANY idea that "Wrestling Kitties" is the same person.

    Does that make sense?

    I keep seeing issues with that.

  7. That does make sense. I had set up using Facebook and then searched people on Twitter too...and the next time I went in most of my people where gone. Interesting.

    Thanks for checking! I have re-followed people so hopefully when I go to log in tomorrow everyone will still be there. We will see :)