Monday, August 01, 2011

Pregnancy Update - Week 34


Where has the time gone?!  I have no idea, but let’s just say I am SO excited to meet this little guy! 

How are you? 
I am doing very well, thank you!  Overall I feel great and have no real complaints besides the few pregnancy related aches and pains that are just part of this wonderful process.  However, I go in for a pregnancy massage August 5th and am very excited about that. 

How is Henry? 
He is also doing very well!  He is a strong mover, which is great to feel and SEE.  Yes, there have been kicks to the ribs and he does like to push his butt into my ribs….but I also love it because I know he is healthy and strong!  He is measuring a couple weeks ahead, so the Dr. think he could be a longer/slightly bigger boy….especially as T & I are both 5’11”.   He responds to my voice and he loves when “we” eat! (That’s my boy)  I absolutely love when he pushes out and I “push”/touch back and he wiggles around and then pushes out again!  Don’t know if he enjoys it as much as I do, but I think it is fun!  He is also on a great schedule and is such a good boy already.   He starts slowly moving around at about 7 but is fully awake around 9am (he wakes up slowly like his daddy!).  He is pretty active during the day with his most active time being after breakfast, lunch and between 3-7.  By 8:30 he is still moving a bit but has calmed down and by 9:30 or so he is pretty much sleeping or has just settled down for the night.  He rarely moves during the night, there have only been a couple nights he was active but it was because I ate something late at night and had major indigestion.  For the most part I only feel him move when I re-position myself during the night.  He has been on this schedule for a long time now…please oh please I hope it carries on after he is born!

How is your blood pressure?  
My blood pressure has gone down nicely to 130/80 which is a drastic change from the 138/64 it was 2 ½ weeks ago!  I still go to the Dr. every week, but so far so good.

How is your weight?   
I haven’t gained any weight the past two weeks which surprised my doctor, but is most likely due to the fact that I am back to eating small and frequent meals.  I get full SO quickly so I have been eating less which is most likely why I am maintaining my current weight.  Altogether I have gained about 10 pounds from my starting weight.

How is sleeping?   
I have good nights and bad nights.  Sometimes I can get comfortable and sometimes I can’t. 

How is his room?   
It is coming.  Basically Kristen has moved about half of her stuff out of the room and into the storage unit.  She has until August 12th to be all packed up, though she will still be sleeping in there.  At that time we will clean and start getting the room set up.  We currently have the crib, mattress & changing table but just need to put it all together.  As for the bedding, we ran into a little snag.  Apparently all of the bedding we originally registered for has been discontinued and we can’t find it in stock anywhere near us.  Babies R Us was having a big sale last week and I was just going to purchase it all and I come to find out it was on clearance (which it wasn’t when we registered) and everything was out of stock.  Even on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon it is out of stock.  Needless to say at first I was a little bummed.   
(Here is what we wanted...the bedding and the room accessories) 

However, we have found some sage green items not in a set but that will still work with what we want as well as monkey sheets. (Here is what we are getting) 
And I got this super soft blanket:

So basically it is the same thing and will work just fine!  I am also going to attempt to make my own monkey valance…..we will see how that goes!  I do have some other ideas for his room but nothing is finished and will post pictures the end of August when the room is complete.

Favorite part of the day?   
Interacting with Henry.  He is getting big and strong and is making himself known in that tiny space.  I absolutely LOVE when I lie on the couch or sit back in my chair and talk to him and “tickle” him and he responds back by moving.  Just saying his name and talking to him gets him moving. No matter what kind of day I am having, those moments are truly the best.

Favorite thing someone has said to me?   
Each of my female co-workers gave me a letter with advice/encouraging words about having a baby.  I loved them all and thought they were all sweet.  However there was one line in one of the letters that moved me to tears.  She said “Whenever someone says something to you about having your hands full or you feel like your hands are full and you can’t do it, just think to yourself how lucky you are to have your hands full rather than empty”.  That right there said it all to me.  No matter how stressed I may get and no matter how frustrated I may feel, I hope I can always keep this in the back of my mind that I am truly thankful and blessed that I infact have this little one to keep my hands full.


  1. 6 weeks!? So close!

    I love the encouraging words you received. So true and it is very easy to forget that in the first few weeks of being a new mom. I wish someone had reminded me of that...I would have taped those words up all over our house. ;)

  2. So glad you are doing so well. You sound so happy and so excited!!! I was just telling my kiddos today about the new baby coming into my life and how exciting it is! Let me know if you need anything for his room. I still have a few ideas I'd like to play around with...:) Love to you all!