Friday, September 17, 2010

Poems to My Husband - Happy Anniversary

So yesterday T & I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary, and what I believe to be another milestone….10 years together. Phew.

So I am kicking it old-school this year and getting all iambic pentameter on his ass and decided to bombard him with the written word… the form of a series of poems created by yours truly!

Yep, he is a very lucky man. And I am also a very lucky women…..I mean check out my man last winter!

Ladies, please back away from the computer and control yourself. This piece of meat belongs to me!

So I have written Terry 4 poems as an expression of my love…..because that is just how I roll. These are ALL unique with no help from the inter-web, just a Thesaurus and my awesome mind.

Let’s start simple with something you may remember from grade school. It is also a great illustration of pretty much the first time we met.

Poem #1:

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
You gave me a zerbert,
And then I fell for you.

Yep….a zerbert was all it took to fall madly in love with this man.

Next poem. Look out, your ass is about to get haiku’d!

Poem #2:

Just two little words.
There is no doubt in my heart.
When asked, it’s I DO.

Hope your mind isn’t completely blown, because it is time to get down with a limerick.

Poem #3:

There once was a fella named Terry,
Who fell for a girl who was wary.
After some flirting,
And love asserting,
It was fate that the two would marry.

Just a little humor before getting to the serious stuff.

This last poem is a bit personal, but is exactly how I feel at this point in my life. This poem surprisingly took very little time to write because the emotions just came out so easily and so strongly.  I don't believe in nearly all of the overly romantic stuff out there but I do believe in our relationship and believe no matter what the future holds for us that he has changed my life forever and in so many wonderful ways and to me that is an amazing and powerful thing to have in my life. 

Poem #4:

To My Dearest Husband….

It was just ten quick years ago when we first met;
Who would have known then that the pieces were being set.

Evade as I might the connection we had, made it impossible not to fall for you;
While our unique and effortless relationship was hard for others to construe.

Our relationship was our OWN with no one pushing us astray;
We did things the way we wanted, on our own terms and in our own way.

And then September 16, 2006 vows would be exchanged in front of family and friends;
Which would give me the honor to call you my husband and your last name I would pen.

From the beginning - trust, respect, love and laughter were always the keys;
As a relationship will fail without the understanding and work that it needs.

Frustration and resentment can become a destructible game;
One where nobody wins and each is to blame.

But for us good times were plentiful and fights only a few;
We carried on as individuals but also as equals through and through.

Because at the end of the day what mends the hardships, frustrations, and unnecessary bickering;
Is a relationship filled with love, encouragement, happiness, and of course snickering.

Your stories, your laugh, your straight forward and honest thinking;
Are all characteristics I admire and that make you uniquely appealing.

You help me to stop, to breath, and to slowdown;
So I can take in all those special moments around.

You accept me for who I am, even with all my crazy imperfections;
And you have never tried to change me into some generalized societal projection.

I feel so unique and beautiful when I am with you;
Because I see through your eyes what I fail to see at times too.

I love you my husband more than words could truly ever express;
It is with breath that is bated that I eagerly await what is next.

My partner, my lover, my equal, my friend;
I promise to continue to love you faithfully, honor and respect you, and cherish you until the end.

Happy Anniversary Terry.


  1. Awww, Happy Anniversary you two!!!

  2. LOVE IT! Happy Anniversary.

    PS Amazing photo.