Thursday, September 02, 2010

This Will Teach Me

So Belle bitch slapped me today while we were trying to cram load her into the cat carrier. She hates (understatement) leaving the house and really who could blame her….it is ridiculously hot out. She just did not want to leave because she knew it was to the vet as that is the only place we take her. I can’t get too mad at her for totally clawing up my face as I would have probably done the same thing if I knew I was going to the Dr. to get my anal glands squeezed.

I have to say my vanity did come out a bit when I repeatedly asked Terry if it was going to scar as she did get pretty deep with her claws. After repeatedly telling me no, at least not noticeably (great) I then asked if I would now get toxoplasmosis and immediately Googled it to see if I had any symptoms. Yes, I asked that question and was serious….but it shouldn’t be a surprise as WebMD is one of my favorite websites. And for the record the flu like symptoms take a day or so to show I am not out of the clear yet.

In other news:

I am taking 5 ½ days of work! Holla. The last time I took a long weekend like this was when we got married in 2006. T. is taking the same out of time and I must say we both need this. Plans for the next few days involve a few trips to Starbucks, a bagel belt mid-morning (possibly on multiple days), sleeping in, working on a wall décor project that I am painting, visiting people at Lakeside, going to the Hancock County Fair, sitting on the couch, messing around online, watching at least one cheesy romantic comedy, and maybe a few other things here & there. I am very non-committal about the whole weekend so we will see what really happens….well except for the Starbucks and bagel belt - that will happen.

Also, I am soooooo happy this weekend is going to be nice and cool. I love Fall and this weekend’s weather sounds perfect. We got a little hosed last year with Fall weather….summer lasted too long and fall didn’t last long enough. So I say bring on Fall weather now!

I hope everyone has fun and safe Labor Day weekends!

Any big plans you would like to share? Not that I would be bored this weekend and just pop up at your family cookouts…ok maybe I would. So whatcha doing, where you going to be.... she asked in a non-stalker way?!


  1. #1. I think that Belle deserves a big, long time out. :(

    #2. Your weekend sounds absolutely stupendous. ENJOY every moment of it.

    (We don't really have plans as it's still a BAJILLION degrees out and we are still house-bound. Argh.)

  2. Bad Kitty!

    Going to Buffalo to go the the chicken wing festival.

  3. Have a great weekend!

    We're going to a wedding in Michigan - where no doubt it will be fall-like weather.

    We need to plan to get together this fall! Craft shows! Craft shows! There's one down here in October - I think the end of Octber that's really good. I will have to find out the details.