Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Really?! – American Idol

So the decision was made and along with Randy Jackson; the new judges for American Idol are going to be Steven Tyler and J. Lo. Yep, that is right …dawg.

Hold on for a moment whilst I prepare myself.

Deep breathe……and

COME ON, REALLY?! Are you serious American Idol, Steven Tyler and J. Lo. REALLY?! Those are your judges?! WOW. I have no idea how the heck you managed that….well besides a shit ton of money. So the Idol Tour must be going well for you, huh?

Now I am not saying they didn’t need some better judges on the show. I mean I love Ellen, but I didn’t take a damn thing she said seriously as a judge and really didn’t take it as helpful either and that other girl, well her opinion was ok…..when she gave one in between eye f&$k’n Simon. Shivers.

But really, Steven Tyler and J. Lo?

I mean first, the two couldn’t be any more different and they seem to be totally random choices. Like, did you just pull names out of a hat?! Really? Did you? Because I want to know how the hell you picked these two people. I mean, maybe you are tired of all the goofing around going on between the judges and wanted people who you thought would never, I mean ever, normally be friends so they didn’t mess around. And that is fine. But American Idol, you have managed to blow my mind. Really. Me + Mind = BLOWN. And don’t necessarily take that as meaning in a good way either.

Besides the pure randomness of your picks, I just don’t know if I care about what either of them has to say as judges. I do like Steven Tyler….you know as the frontman for flipp’n Aerosmith, not as the judge on American Idol! That is NOT rock’n roll Steven, really. That is not Amazing, it is Crazy. I feel like Cryin because being the judge of AI is not Livin’ on the Edge of anything cool. Steven Stop Messin’ Around and Walk the Other Way!!! AHHHH (See what Idid there...hehe) It just doesn’t seem cool and like something someone such as yourself should be doing. You are a Bad Boy from Boston…..please tell me you were forced as part of some 12 step program you are on. I wonder what Joe Perry has to say about this.

And J. Lo. Dear, sweet J. Lo. Sigh. What is your master plan with all of this? Get some media attention, spend time with your new babies, get some good movie deals since the last few you have been in tanked, start your empire to take over the world and get your foot in the door to replace Oprah when she leaves as someone who people can see as a host?! Really, I am serious about that last one. I just don’t get what your master plan is because being a guest judge is one thing, but you are still relevant and I really do not think this is the best way to restart your career. I honestly don’t think this is what you want to be doing for the next 6 months without you being in it for some other reason (like by Mr. Anthony)….so spill it Jenny from the Block.

Any thoughts on the new American Idol lineup? Care? Don't Care? Did you watch before? Will you keep watching? Will you watch now? Can we ALL agree that the two of them are pretty darn random?!


  1. I'm embarrassed to say it, but I usually do watch American Idol. The addition of Ellen was really eh. I mean, I LOVE her, but she didn't really add anything.

    The loss of Simon, if you ask me, is huge.

    I think the new judge lineup is TERRIBLE. Absolutely TERRIBLE. Will I watch? Probably the first show. Just to see what it's like.

  2. I watch the show pretty religiously. Even now when the show is basically a parody of itself.

    My thoughts about the new judges: Um, WTF? #1, I don't care even a little bit what J-Lo has to say. She bugs me. #2, since when can Steven Tyler even string two words together? That's a wild stereotype -- he's probably brilliant or something -- but can he even force sounds through his giant lips?? And #3, how is RANDY JACKSON the only surviving judge?! He is amazingly irrelevant.

    I always thought I watched the show strictly for the contestants, and that the judging had little to no effect on me. But I think Simon's absence might keep me from watching from here on out. Like Ms. Pretzels, I'll at least check out the first show or two. After that, no promises.

    (My word veri is "bankles." I'm guessing that's when your calves and feet are joined together by an ATM. Wocka!)

  3. Jenn, I heart you! Amazing. Crazy. Cryin. That's some good stuff right there!

    I'm now glad Steven Tyler got picked, otherwise we would never have had the opportunity to read this! :-)