Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am ALL About the Give-A-Ways!!!

So we all know our great friend Wendy over at A Couple More Hours, right?! You are missing out BIG time if you don’t, I'm just say'n. Well she is a very talented and crafty person and she happens to be having a fun give-a-way over at her blog that I very much want to win!!

You can gain entry into the give-a-way by visiting her blog HERE.

Ooooooops, did I send you to the wrong site, my bad…..I would never  try to detour any of you from registering for this give-a-way to increase my chances of winning. That would just be evil and we all know I am anything but evil! Mwah ahahahaha.

Now, I think there are multiple ways to enter, but you don’t need to worry yourself with those details. All you need to do is stay away from go over to her blog (there is a link somewhere on my blog) and comment ONE time on her post. But just once, I don’t think she wants her comments section all filled up with your remarks….so please be mindful of that.

I really want to win and am sharing this with you all because I want 3 more entries she is a good friend who is crazy talented and I want people to see the cool stuff she makes before it ends up at my house.

So visit this crafty chica’s blog in 2 days or so! Oh, and if you want, feel free to leave your entry comment here on MY blog and I will make sure that W. gets them before 8pm on Friday. What, it is over Wednesday….oh that is my bad again.

Seriously though....GO TO HER WEBSITE!  She rocks.


  1. I heart you big time!

  2. Very cute! By the way..... what happend to sad panda? Does she blog anymore?