Thursday, September 09, 2010

Just Thinking.....

T & I will be celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary (and 10 years of being together) next week! We typically do not get gifts or cards for each other and instead devour enjoy a small chocolate cake with white icing from Wixey Bakery (drool) and then dinner whenever we can find a free evening. We then get into our sexy comfy clothes and stare into each other’s eyes sit on separate couches and watch TV…..or at least until our food digests and we can roll off the couch to make our way to our separate DVR’s to watch our own shows. It is nice.

However, out of curiosity I looked online to see what the traditional anniversary gift is for 4 years. Well it happens to be flowers & fruit. Yes, I thought it was weird too, but it did get me thinking that this must be exactly why Edible Arrangements was created!  It is genius….flowers AND fruit in ONE! What husband or wife wouldn’t love a $40 basket of semi-old fruits in weird shapes on sticks?

Don’t be surprised Terry if you find one at NAPA waiting for you next week! I am sure you and the guys will love it.

Any favorite anniversary memories, traditions, stories you would like to share with the group?!  Keep it clean-ish folks...not for me, I am a perv, but maybe for my fellow readers :)


  1. You make me laugh...

    I just had to drool over Wixey's....YUMMO!

    (and my word verification is "wooffed", which is EXACTLY what I do to Wixey cake...I woof it down!)

  2. I love that you called yourself a perv!

    Edible Arrangements sounds perverted to me btw.

  3. "Semi-old fruit" -- EW. :) You and Terry sound exactly like me and T. Perhaps we should hang out sometime, sitting on opposite sides of the room in our sweats! Heehee.

  4. Those things are nice, but you are right... they could use a better name.

    Did I tell you I gave you an award on my blog? I can't remember. I'm losing it lately!

  5. WP I would TOTALLY hang out with you guys on our seperate couches in our sweats, preferably after a huge meal! That sounds lovely.

    SassyTimes - I woof that cake down too. AND I have to pick it up at 5 and wait till T. gets home at 9:30 tomorrow before I can eat any. GAH!! How am I going to do that?!

    Iris - I am a total perv :)

    Jill, THANKS! I just saw that on your blog. You are a sweetheart :)