Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pregnancy – 36 & 37 Weeks.

(And in case you didn’t notice, I only have 17 days to go!)

Let’s just start with a picture, shall we….
 BAM! Hello 36 weeks!
 So look at that tiny little 36 week baby bump!!  Heehee  I think this summarizes everything!  Henry and I are getting bigger and I didn’t know a belly could stretch like this! 

How about 37 weeks....

Between my belly and my boobs, I think the word you are looking for is DAAAAANG!  I am stretching my shirts out about as far as they will go.  See how the shirt is barely fitting me?!  Awesome.  I am getting the thing with shirts now where I have to wear something underneath otherwise my shirt doesn’t cover my stomach and you can see the bottom of my bump. CLASSY!

And speaking of belly’s, let me say this.  While I believe with clothes on my pregnancy belly is cute, if you proceed to look under those clothes my stomach is a hot mess!  I laugh when I see those pictures of pregnant ladies with such a beautifully shaped and perfect baby bump because I know they are airbrushed!  Let me tell you something about my not so little baby bump.  It is lopsided, it is stretched out, I have a few stretch marks, I seem to have hair ALL OVER my belly….seriously, when did I become a Sasquatch?! You can also see both the top and bottom stretched out holes where I use to have a belly button piercing….now that is attractive.  It ain’t pretty.

Now I LOVE my belly because, well it is mine and I love that my body can even do this.  Plus I love seeing it move and know our little one is just under the surface growing big and strong!  However, lets be real folks….the belly, especially when it is being stretched to the maximum, is not an attractive thing.  Well, at least mine is not!  However, that doesn’t stop me from sitting around the house exposing my belly so I can watch our son move…..or brushing the hair on my stomach. :)

How is Henry?
GREAT! Everything is similar to what it has been the past couple months….he is just getting bigger and bigger and bigger!  We think he has dropped or is dropping (I really am not knowledgeable on this stuff to know for sure how all that works).  I am also feeling a very mild and quick pulling feeling/pain down low the past few days.  And this morning I was awaken to a very intense pain in my pubic area that last about 20-30 seconds.  Nothing else today, but man did that hurt!  It seems the little one is slowly starting to get ready to meet us!  Hope he likes us :)

How are your stats? 
Good; my BP keeps going down….YAY!  Infact at my appointment last Tuesday it was 112 over 77 to which Terry asked the nurse if that meant I was dead because that was the lowest it has been so far and a big difference from 138/72.  Luckily, I was not.  The past couple months it seems as though I gain weight in spurts.  Gain a few pounds in one week but nothing for a week or two after that.  I think I am somewhere between 16-20 pounds but honestly stopped paying attention to it because I don’t care.  No really.  A couple months ago I did, but now as long as I am healthy and most importantly Henry is healthy and growing, I don’t care how much I gain these last few weeks.

Are you dilated yet? 
Yep, 1 little centimeter last Tuesday!  I know I can be here for some time, but the Doctor said it was good that my body is naturally starting the process and getting ready. EXCITING!    My next appointment is tomorrow so I will be interested to find out if this has changed or is the same.

Two questions I have been getting a lot lately:

Are you ready to meet Henry? 
Absolutely! I don’t think words can express just how excited, anxious, nervous I am to meet this little one.

Are you tired of being pregnant?
Absolutely not.

I have to say that I LOVE being pregnant. LOVE. IT.  I had always wondered based on stories I hear from others or even from TV if pregnancy was hard and unbearable.  It sure seems to be made out that way sometimes.  And I am sure, since every single person is different, that for many women pregnancy is hard.  And who knows how I will feel the last week/days of this pregnancy. But luckily, for me, I have really enjoyed this entire experience. 

Yes, I have pains and discomforts (especially at this point in the pregnancy) however; none of those discomforts have made me enjoy this pregnancy any less.  Infact I think every ache and pain, every groan, every upset stomach, every tender body part, every foot in the rib, every late night waddle to the bathroom, or every restless night of sleep makes me appreciate this time even more.  I know this will be over soon and you just never know if this will be the last time I will have this experience.  And if it is I want to try and be thankful for the blessing we are about to have and the process that led to our son.  Would I want to be pregnant all the time (think Duggars) – HELLS NO!  But IF another child was in our future would I embrace pregnancy again – ABSOLUTELY!

How is the room/house coming along?
Thanks to the help of my awesome parents, sister and husband – we got a lot accomplished this weekend.  The dining room and living room no longer look like a storage unit.  And Henry’s room is all cleaned and ready to start making into HIS room!  We have the crib ready to be put together, the changing table up, and all his stuff upstairs and ready to be put away.  The last of his clothes are washed and folded and my mom and I picked up nearly all of the last items we needed for the little guy.  As of Sunday night I literally let out a huge sigh knowing things were in place and just about done!  I should have pictures soon of his room.

17 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. 17 days!!!!! (ish)

    i'm glad you love it, i loved it too.
    esssssited for you guys!

  2. Holy smoke! 17 days?

    Seriously, shouldn't we make a movie/tv show about how FUN it is to be pregnant? There's too much negativity about it.

    Ugh, Jenn, cannot wait to meet this little fellow! How soon is too soon for me to come over? :)

  3. Holy crap 17 days!!! WOW! I can't wait to see a pic of little biddy Henry!!

  4. Jenn you are too cute! I love that you called yourself a Sasquatch! I am quite sure you are not but it was funny.

    Best of luck to you in your last few days of pregnancy. We can't wait to meet Henry!

  5. 17 days?
    I cannot handle this.



  6. 17 days!!! Wow. How exciting.

    I love that you LOVE being pregnant. I think it is such an amazing experience...pains and all. I love it too.

  7. So, I read this blog, cried a bit, went away and now am back to comment.
    I am so excited for you and just thrilled beyond all belief at how excited and ready you seem for this. I am so happy for you and can't wait to hear all about the joys of parenthood.
    (PS, the crying was good, just overwhelming that Henry is going to be born so soon. How did the time fly so fast?!)
    Love you!