Thursday, September 01, 2011

Guess Who Still Sells Tastefully Simple? ME! NEW DELICIOUS PRODUCTS TODAY!

So here are the facts:

I still sell Tastefully Simple. 

I actually really like many of their products, especially their Fall and Winter products.  (To be honest, the Spring/Summer products are OK but not very practical in my opinion.)

I love the ease of use and convenience of most of their products.

While I don’t enjoy selling Tastefully Simple I LOVE doing the tasting parties for my friends!

I signed up for something to do when I thought Terry was moving for school.

I wouldn’t have signed up to sell had I known that a few months later I was going to get knocked up.

I haven’t had the time or motivation to really put into having parties and getting myself out there.

I will be selling until September 30th, but after that it is up in the air…..and this makes me kinda sad.

I would love to keep selling, but at this point I am wondering if it is just too much….with a new baby.   

The Fall/Winter products go on sale today and let me tell you the food looks and sounds AMAZING!

I am actually excited about this catalog and already have a list of items I want to get for myself.

I wanted to share with everyone what is new….SO ENJOY!  And don’t drool on your keyboard.


    * Amazing Amaretto Chocolate Sauce
    * Apple 'n Pear Slush Drink Mix
    * Bold Buffalo Blue Cheese Dip Mix
    * Bountiful Beer Cheese Soup Mix
    * Caramel Cinnamon Sprinkles
    * Chicken Tortilla Soup Mix
    * Chipotle Queso Dip Starter
    * Cranberry Orange Scone Mix
    * Creamy Portobello Warm Dip Mix
    * English Toffee Cheese Ball Mix
    * Homestyle Biscuits & Gravy Mix
    * Malted Cocoa Mix
    * Malted Cocoa Mix Mini
    * Olive & Herb Cheese Ball Mix
    * Peanut Butter Popcorn (available 10/1/11)
    * Roasted Onion Warm Dip Mix
    * Savory Peach Brandy Glaze
    * Snickerdoodle Cookies (available 10/1/11)
    * Spicy Harvest Salsa
    * Sweet Drizzle Snack Mix Pretzel & Caramel Corn BLend (available 10/1/11)
    * Tender Pot Roast Sauce
    * Tripleberry Fruit Spread
    * Tuscany Bread Dipping Mix


    * Butterscotch Kisses Cocoa Mix
    * Chocolate Ugly Cake Mix
    * Creamy Wild Rice Soup Mix
    * Fudgy Popcorn With Nuts (available 10/1/11)
    * Pumpkin Patch A Mix for Bread & Muffins
    * Roasted Garlic Infused Oil
    * Wahoo! Chili Seasoning Blend

I know, right?!  Sounds AMAZING!  Plus, as always, your standard line of products are available.

The Fall/Winter products are available for purchase beginning TODAY, September 1st!  You can continue to buy items in the Spring/Summer catalog if you want as that has been extended until September 19th.

Now I will be able to do ONLY catalog parties during the month of September.  Basically you receive all the benefits of the hosting rewards but you do not have a tasting party.  These are great if people already know the products and/or you don’t have time to host a party.  I will provide you with evites and/or regular invites and you just sit back and relax!  If I continue with TS after September I will be back to hosting tasting parties.

Since I can’t really do much and haven’t been doing much I have decided to have a give-a-way for everyone who purchases something during the month of September!  Make a purchase through me or online through my website (on the side or below) and you will be entered into a drawing to receive a mountain of TS products!

If you have any questions just email me at my personal email (for those of you who know me) or at the email below!

 Email address:
My consultant ID No. is 0110558.

A few teaser pictures.....
 Bountiful Beer Cheese Soup!
English Toffee Cheese Ball!

Tender Pot Roast Sauce!
Malted Cocoa Mix!

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