Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Because We Just Can’t Get Enough of Each Other

My sister K. and I have just added another dynamic to our relationship...…..coworkers.

Yep, apparently my sister cannot spend enough time with me (even though we live together) and has accepted a position to work part-time at my current place of employment. This will definitely be different for both of us, but I think it will be good for her to work for with me. It is absolutely a great job for K, and a hell of a lot better than Wendys.

K. will be doing many different jobs and under my tutelage she will become a great worker as she gets to see firsthand what an amazing worker I am. She will be my little apprentice and I, the master, will mold her into the perfect servant employee.

Yep, this should be good. I don’t think my employer knows what they are in for with having us both there. Mwah ha ha ha

I seriously am excited that we will get to work together! I left when I was 18 for college and K was only 10. Though we saw each other, we missed out on a good chunk of time together until she moved up here to attend BGSU. The weird thing is, from the beginning we have always had this strange closeness, strange in the sense that we are 8 years apart in age but are so similar. It can be truly eerie sometimes just how similar we are despite the difference in age and how long we lived apart. So in honor of her new job and because I promised to post pictures from when we were young (ok, and because I am a sap and just love love love my sister) I have posted some pics of Kristen and I from over the years. Enjoy :) And Kristen, I will see you bright and early at prepared to work!

True Fans

Everyone needs a fancy hat!

I think I scared her with my purple short shorts, orange shirt, big glasses and amazing hair cut.

She was so small, my little doll that actually cuddled back

That was the hair style I was going back off!!! You don't just roll out of bed with those bangs.

LOVE this picture.

This is one of my favorite pictures of us ever.

The traditional "First Day of School" picture

Tight curly frizzy hair + big glasses + braces = The dorky trifecta. But Kristen is pretty darn adorable!!

Bachelorette Party

Ginger Bread House Decorating Competition...I won.

No comment

Love you K!!!


  1. A. I love that you used the word, "tutelage" in this post.

    B. I think that you and K are going to have so much fun. Awesome.

    C. Is it cheesy that I teared up while looking back at your photos? (They made me thing of my baby sister whom is also 8 years my junior.)

    Yay for little sisters. Who you can tell what to do at the workplace.


  2. Aww. I want a sister!

  3. I also get emotional when I read about how much you two love each other (having two sisters myself I can appreciate this releationship).

    Have fun! Loved the photo montage!

  4. Too fun. You guys are so cute. This post is exactly why I'm upset that I'm an only child.

    I'm loving all the photo flashbacks! Wish I had the guts to post some of mine. I'd lose some readers and maybe even some friends if I did.

  5. This is such a great post! It's so weird to look back on all our pictures and see how we've grown up!

    I'm looking forward to working with you. I think we're going to have so much fun!!!! :D

  6. Also, why is that there are so few photos of the two of between the years of 1996 and 2004?

  7. Such awesome pics Jenn! I can feel the love:) How awesome that you'll get to work together?!!!

  8. SP: I think that is because I left for BG in 1998 and I didn't see you regularly until you came to BG in 2006. Plus, I think we both went through a phase where we hated getting our picture taken....though I don't know why, we are both gorgeous! :)

  9. that is so the pictures

  10. Sarah W11:11 AM

    You gals are so CUTE!

    I had the same dorky trifecta! I'm with you. I think I tried to rid the house of all photos of my during those years.