Friday, June 06, 2008

Ok, Maybe I Am That Person.

So please let me introduce you to Belle and Sebastian, no not the group, they are our cats. (I understand, there are not many cat lovers...but these two are different)

In honor of their recent Birthdays (Sebastian's was yesterday, Belle's was in March) and the fact that I think these two fury friends are totally cute, I decided to post some pictures of these lovable, slightly ill-tempered, totally adorable felines.

Meet Sebastian (Nicknames: Buddy Cat, Godzilla): Yes, he has a face only we can love! He is a big cat we think 18-20 pounds, but it isn't fat...he is just BIG, well he does have a pouch that jiggles back and forth when he runs! He is a bit moody, very independent and has a little bit of an attitude. He loves fresh water and will drink it from anyone's unattended cup and has to have a clean liter box. He is very OCD, and loves a routine and gets pissed when things don't go "his way". He is the older of the 2 cats (7ish we think). We got him 4 years ago from the humane society after he had been brought in b/c he was hit by a car and VERY badly injured. We knew instantly this bitchy feline needed some love! He is a bit stubborn, but secretly he loves us!

Meet Belle: (Nicknames: Mouse: Baby Belle): She is the younger one, just
turned 2 this year. We got her as a 5 week old kitten from a farm. She is extremely needy, loves attention and loves doesn't matter what it is she wants it. She is also a very ornery cat who loves to provoke and torment her older "brother". She is so tiny and small (hence mouse) but thinks she is bigger then Sebastian and loves to wrestle and play chase. She also is a bit of a spazz! She loves to give me 'massages" and loves to sit on people's shoulders. I think she has a complex because she is so tiny!

I Don't get what is up with the paw in front of their mouth, but it is cute!

She likes to bathe him?!?!

These Pictures are NOT right.

Oh Yeah, and they like to wrestle!!!

So there you go. A few pictures and a brief bio of our cats for your viewing & reading pleasure!
Ok, yes I am bored and don't know what to blog about :)


  1. They are soooooo cute. I don't have a cat right now, but have had many in the past. I too had a cat that had O.C.D. If I didn't scoop her poop every time she went she wouldn't go in her box. SHE would go on my bed to make her point.

    Thanks for sharing, Love the pics!!!!

  2. LOVE the cats! i'm a cat person too (we have Daisy and Gatsby).

    i love the names - Belle and Sebastian (are they Disney inspired?).

    so cute. thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that Belle is so small.

    And that Sebastian just cracks me up.

  4. The naming of our cats just really came together accidently. We got them about 2 years apart and T. named Sebastian and I named Belle!

    Who knows what he was thinking when he named Sebastian, it just seemed to fit him though. He & his brother have a cat named Socrates so Terry was probably thinking of Johann Sebastian Bach, or someone like that!

    I love the name Isabelle. I always thought it would be cute for a little girl. However, Terry isn't too fond of that name for a girl so I decided to just name our cat that! But they work well together!! :)

  5. I miss those cats. I miss Sebastian's lazy eye and Belle's non-existent neck. I miss Sebastian settling down for the night on the back of couch, and I miss when Belle decides to attack your feet as you're falling asleep.

  6. I think they are so cute.
    Very good. You're a proud mommy, as you should be.

    Ferg just told me that she thinks both of them look nice, too. She'd like to befriend them. She's an equal-opportunity pet friend: cats and dogs, just no birds. She doesn't like them.

  7. nadja9:40 AM

    My flippin comments aren't posting! I wanna comment on your super cute kitties dang it!!!!

    Anywho, are you aware that Belle and Sebastian is a singing duo for the tragically cool over-30 crowd?

  8. Aw, boo Nadja. Blogger was being a bitch to me last week, I couldn't comment at all!

    Yeah, we found that out about 8 months after we named belle! I went and got a Belle & Sebastian record album just because I thought it was funny!