Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Not That Bad

Terry and I decided to record the 2008 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday b/c we like Mike Myers and thought he would be funny. We watched them last night, ready to fast forward through much of it.

I have to admit my friends, it wasn't that bad at all. Dare I say it was infact pretty darn funny!

Sure there were parts we fast forwarded through such as P. Diddy talking, Tom Cruise talking (boring), some stupid speeches, and the pussycat dolls-ick. Oh and they also showed Paris about a 6 times - blech - why?!?!

But there were also some really funny things. Such as the skit above with Robert Downey jr., Jack Black & Ben Stiller to promote their movie Tropic Thunder. It cracked me up! There was a special tribute to Adam Sandler (love him!), A Waynes World skit (excellent), some funny Mike M. skits, oh and not one but TWO appearances from Johnny Depp - YUMMY!

Yeah, overall it made us laugh! As I am sure MTV will be replaying it a million times, I would record it. I think it is better to record it so you can fast forward through all the annoying/boring stuff and get right to the funny stuff!


  1. I finally found that video last night and I could not stop laughing! I loved the part when RDJr. was sitting on Jack Black and hitting him in the nuts with a hammer! I love those guys!

  2. I was happy to see Dana Carvey with Mike Meyers in the Wayne's World Sketch.

    "Party on, Wayne."

    "Party on, Garth."


    P.S. How hot was Johnny Depp?

  3. I know, when I saw Wayne's World I got SO excited! It was funny though that some people in the audience (you know the REALLY young ones) didn't really seem to get it, but then people like Brenden Frasier and people closer to our age LOVED it!

    Um, Johnny was HOT! and i love how shy and nervous he gets! That clean cut look is so from the 21 Jump Street Days!!!