Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Check Another One Off My List

So this last Sunday T, myself, my sister, her boyfriend, and my parents all went to go see Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers at Blossom! This was a pretty great concert! Tom Petty is just one of those individuals who may not always be in my CD player but I know so many of his songs and just love him. I think it is great to be able to say I saw him perform and to actually see someone like him perform was truly amazing. He sounded fantastic (better live I think), seemed truly thankful, and just had a nice vibe.

Overall the concert was great. T & I did have to cut out early b/c he had to get up at 6 am. We were actually surprised at how many people were leaving early – most likely people who had to work and/or had a long drive. Side note: I am not a fan of a Sunday concert. Especially one with someone like Tom Petty and one that is at an outdoor venue – why Sunday?!?! Anywho, we did at least get to hear some of our favorite songs, as well as a few odd ball songs we have never heard of. I appreciated the mix of songs he played, and it was fun hearing some more obscure stuff. I was sad I left before Runnin’ Down A Dream, oh well.

So I have a few things I noticed or wanted to comment about regarding the concert and decided to list them out. So here are some observations from the Concert:

- Tom Petty ROCKED!
- I loved his purple velvet jacket - no one else could pull that off!
- Not a fan of Steve Winwood but you can’t deny he is a great musician….just too mellow for me for a concert (sorry dad, but I am glad you enjoyed him!)
- The rock flute – think Anchorman!
- They were selling roses and Harley Davidson beads before the show – um, sure why not?!?!
- A lot of bright colored outfits and tons of stoned washed jeans
- You can buy 50 cent earplugs out of an old cigarette machine – awesome (and gross)
- The Beer Guy in the lawn area
- Wet & cool weather…FYI: If your significant other says he/she doesn’t not need a sweatshirt but you know it is going to be cool and wet – bring one anyways.
- We saw some guy sporting the rat tail hair style. Enough said.
- Middle-aged drunk white people should not dance…let me repeat that for you in the back…..Middle-aged drunk white people please DON’T DANCE!!! For your sake and mine.
- The dancing people sitting beside my parents. (please refer to above)
- The really drunk crazy lady dancing and singing non-stop (also refer to above)
- A man wearing a balloon flower hat. ok
- A TOTALLY different crowd then Iron Maiden…and I don't know if that is a good thing or not. This crowd was by far more rowdy then I. M. The people at Tom Petty wanted to drink, party, get stoned, dance, and go wild! And of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!
- The people at the gates almost didn’t let my sister in – yeah, they new she would be trouble.
- Pot, Pot, and more Pot. It was everywhere…including right next to Terry.
- Terry had two open seats next to him and people kept moving in and out of them. At one point he had two girls smoking pot and another time had a girl and her boyfriend who offered T. popcorn and kept dancing all over each other.
- Again – Preferred Parking is awesome. The feeling I get when I drive past all the people who didn’t get preferred parking and their faces when they see us drive by is almost an evil feeling.
-The security guard by our section was HOT! Great eye-candy.
- We sat in the last row of seats before the lawn. This is a GREAT place to be, especially just to people watch! I love to people watch
- There were SO many people there, it was nuts!
- I would see him again in a heartbeat.

Meet Eyecandy! Why hello!!

Not great pictures...but look at all these people!


  1. Anonymous11:54 AM

    I sexually harassed that very same security guard at Brad Paisley last summer!! Very very hot

  2. hahaha, yay for hot security guards!

    Tom Petty is the first artist I've seen who after the encore, stopped and thanked the audience and said that he would be seeing the audience again soon. I loved how much gratitude he showed to the audience through the entire show.