Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Are You My Boo?!?!

So yesterday night after T&I watched National Treasure 2 we decided to turn on a news station to see what was going on with Obama/Clinton. We turned on Anderson Cooper, b/c it was the first thing we saw and not even 30 seconds into us watching it we see Anderson Cooper push Donna Brazile to discuss a private conversation she had with Obama yesterday. This is the conversation….. (clip below)

Cooper: I am looking for something he hasn’t told anyone else, just you.

Brazile: Anderson you’re not my boo.

Cooper: I want to be your boo.

Insert a bunch of white people laughing uncomfortably!!! HAHAHA

Cooper then says something to the effect that he doesn’t even know what that really is! T&I were cracking up! I don’t know anything about Anderson Cooper, but this just caught me as funny, uncomfortable, but funny nevertheless.


  1. Anderson Cooper can be my boo (boo? beau?), that silver-haired fox that he is.

  2. Nadja8:37 AM

    I LOVE that he used it in a sentence back to her. LOVE IT!

  3. that's hilarious. i must have missed that ... not sure how..i had CNN on all day from 3:30 to 11 pm. :)

  4. You must have JUST missed it TLC, we had turned the TV on right about 11pm!

  5. oh man. i'm bummed.

    it is funny though..i call my girls "boo" all the time.

    donna brazile (the cnn contributor) is from Louisiana. "boo" is a term of endearment (according to the Cajun dictionary I found online via google).

    which makes anderson's comments even funnier.

  6. I love it, love it, love it. He's adorable.

  7. I've watched this twice. I love it.