Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Have Said It Before....

.....the people at Google are people I think I would want to know and be friends with.  I love all the creative things they do with their logo on their homepage!

I just had to say that, now please feel free to continue to my previous post that I also posted today. :)  Two in one day...wowsers!


  1. I saw this today too and LOVED it! I miss seeing it everyday when I use the google toolbar. Those peeps at google sure are clever (they do have limitless food at their offices!).

  2. I also read somewhere that they are encouraged to spend a certain percentage of their day (20, maybe?) or non-work stuff... lLike playing ping-pong. Now THAT makes for happy employees!

  3. My cousin works at Google and let me tell you, she's pretty cool. You'd like her.

    And, she pretty much LOVES her job and her life. She gets massages at work. And free meals. Yeah. And no official "start time" or "end time."

    You heard it.

  4. That is my thought exactly!! What a great job!!

    At my company they encourage ping pong playing and Wii playing as well... but not a required amount of time... that would be awesome! :)

    Love me some Google!