Monday, May 03, 2010


All the Adam Lambert tickets are sold out for his appearance June 8th in Toledo?! They just went on sale Saturday, how can this be?!?! I really needed to get my fill of pop/rock glam music, fake leather, fingerless gloves, sequins, platform boots, gel & aquanet, fishnets, and blue eye shadow.


I am truly sad now.

(YES this is no joke, I really wanted to go to this concert…..I am cool like that.)


  1. What?! Already sold out? That's crazy. I bet he puts on a good show. I'd see him.

  2. You and I both made aquanet references today.

    I wish I could take a vacation to the 80's and totally dress up again.

  3. I keep going back to ticketmaster everyday hoping that they will put more tickets out there....alas no tickets. :(

    That is why K & I want to go, we think it would be a fantastic live show and we can totally rock the 80's look and we would fit in. N. I would totally take a vacation back to the 80's with you...I think I have plenty of 80's clothes in my closet now and would fit right in!