Monday, May 24, 2010

If you won $10,000, but had to give it to a charity, which charity would you give it to?

That is very easy, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society. This is something that is VERY important to me. Want to learn more about MS or donate? You can do so here.

Also, Wed., May 26 is World MS Day. Learn more
here and sign up for a free newsletter to learn more about MS and what is going on in your area and how you can help.

One of my goals in the next couple years is to do the MS Bike to the Bay. More information is available
here if you too are interested in participating in this in the future.


  1. Tell me why (if you want) MS has so impacted your life?

    I had an uncle who lived 28 years with MS. He passed away at age 56. It's such an ugly disease, and it obviously hits very close to my heart. I donate to the National MS Society regularly - it's always the charity of my choice.

  2. (Sorry for the late answer!) I am sorry to hear about your uncle, it is such an ugly disease....and seems to hit men really hard.

    My mom has MS. She was diagnosed in 2000, but had the symptoms for at least 5 years before but they were never able to diagnose it. My mom is doing AMAZING, because I know people get it far worse then she has it. She does have to take weekly shots and there is alot of ware and tear on her body physically and mentally, but she has been able to manage by making lifestyle changes (like knowing when she can't be outside in the heat too long or not pushing herself too hard at times). I just wish there was something out there to help them.

    I am fairly certain that some people have certain genes in their body that allows them to be susceptible to nervous system disorders like this and its cause is being exposed to mercury and stuff from childhood. sad

  3. It's really amazing how many people from this area are affected by MS. There is definitely a "cluster" here. My family in Phoenix have a few friends with MS and they were all born and raised in Ohio. Weird.

    I remember in the heat of the summer my uncle LOVED swimming. It made his body feel so great.