Friday, June 04, 2010

Damn You Waskly Wabbits!

I wanted to put up a picture of one of my lovely Lilies growing outside my house because in a couple days it will have been eaten by the many rabbits, deer, and other furry woodland creatures that live near our house. I planted these last year and within a week the beautiful orange lilies had been all chewed up and looked horrible due to some hungry animals in our neighborhood. We learned and now keep our basil and mint and anything else we want to plant up high and away from the ground, but figured these were a lost cause and wouldn’t be back this year as animals have already started gnawing on the stems and leaves. But yesterday the lilies started coming back to my surprise and delight!  (Even though I am fairly certain I will be posting a picture in the next week of half eaten lilies. Grrrrr)

But until then, I will enjoy my one lonely yet beautiful lily and share it with all of you on this lovely Friday!



  1. I have bunches of those lilies at my house I love them.