Thursday, June 10, 2010

Picture of The Week - Add Your Own Caption!

So my friend who lives in Chicago took this picture and posted it on her facebook. It made me laugh and was such an awesome picture I had to share! I mean, who doesn't carry around a sword?! 

I have added some of my own captions, please feel free to share your thoughts on this picture!

"Business man by day; dragon slayer by night."

"Do you think this will get through the metal detector at the airport?!"

"I should have gotten a bigger bag for this sword."

"Because CARRYING a sword is too much work. I need a really small rolling luggage carrier instead."

"I am He-Man!!"

"I look so freak'n cool right now."


  1. "Right after my conference call I've got to jet and go slay a dragon on 4th street."

    "Honey, is your suitcase packed? You remembered your toothbrush, right? Your deodorant? Boxers? Your sword?"

    "I just don't get it. Why am I still single?"

  2. "I like to carry this sword on the plane to make sure the person sitting next to me leaves me alone. It's even better than an iPod!"

    "Boy, the business world is rough these days."

    "Oh how I love the duty free shop! Good prices on perfume, alcohol and weaponry."

    "I have a small penis, but I have a big sword."

    (This is an amazingly awesome photo! I could think of quotes for this all day!)

  3. HAHAHAHA! these are awesome! I am with you, creating captions is one of my favorite hobbies :)

    "I just don't get it. Why am I still single?".....LOVE it!

    "I have a small penis, but I have a big sword.".....this brought TEARS to my eyes I was laughing so hard!!!!

    Keep'm coming!!

  4. Seriously. This needs to be a regular feature of this blog.

    "Damn it, I just can't find my sword sheath ANYWHERE. This rolling bag will have to do."

    (Seriously, though - why does he have a sword?)

  5. (The penis one made me laugh out loud.)

  6. “Sir, that is not what they mean by concealed weapon.”

    “It was the first Monday of the month, which meant Bob must duel with a co-worker to see who gets stuck balancing the budget....and changing the toner in the copier."

    (I know Ky, I think it should be a regular thing as well!!)

  7. YES! I agree this needs to be a regular on your blog.

    I can't think of anything good right now...