Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Have You Seen This Show?

Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, on the Food Network

Because if you have not then you must start watching it, RIGHT NOW! Well actually whenever it is on again, because the probability that it is on TV at the very moment you are reading this blog is highly unlikely, though of course not improbable so go check right now! I will wait……

Seriously, this show is great. It combines my love of cooking shows with reality shows with crazy snobs with funny and hot chefs. OH MY GOSH… is PERFECT! The premise is a bit complex, it is about a bunch of Private Chefs who cook in Beverly Hills. See, you would have never guessed that. And by combining the eccentric and snobby clients of Beverly Hills with these chefs just means crazy antics will ensue!! LOVE IT.

There are six chefs, all of which are pretty great. Click here to learn more about them. Chef Jesse is my personal favorite. He is HILARIOUS. I want to be his friend. You may also know him from the show Workout. Personal trainer and chef – awesome! I also love Chef Brooke. She has this cute voice and is pregnant and does the coolest things with food. I heart cute, pregnant and creative people. 

And then there is Chef Stuart….delicious Chef Stuart.

I have a huge crush on this Irish hunk. Sigh.  He has an accent, he cooks, he is gorgeous, he is funny, and he is shy.  Perfection.  (He could stir my stew any day. He could knead my biscuits whenever he wanted. He could cook pot roast in my oven every day. He can squeeze my melons all the time.)

I know my opinion matters. And my opinion is that this shows ROCKS.

(He can baste my white meat any day. He can melt his butter in my frying pan all the time. He can poach my eggs every day. He can whisk my heavy cream until soft peaks form. The sad thing is I could really keep going….)


  1. "He can baste my white meat any day"????


    I saw this show on the Dish Network guide last weekend and considered watching it. You convinced me. Um, especially if someone from Workout is on it. (I miss that show.)

    I'd like for the chefs to cook for Jeff and Jenny from Flipping Out. I miss him. And her.

    (I need to get a life.)

  2. LOL! I think like "He could knead my biscuits whenever he wanted." ...but they are all hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

    You convinced me as well. I tend to shy away from things that contain "Hills"... as in "Real Housewives..." (of any town, for that matter) and that stupid show with those stupid girls on MTV. But, I'll give this one a shot.

  3. I don't know if I'm more amused or disturbed by "He can whisk my heavy cream until soft peaks form."


    I DO know that I laughed my ass off throughout this post. You, my friend-I've-never-met, are funny. :)