Friday, August 08, 2008

What’s A Girl To Do.

So I have a love/hate relationship……with my purse.

It is a rather big purse. Though I have tried smaller purses, they do not work for me. I can never fit everything I want into them, well at least without stretching them out to their capacity. Over the years my purses keep seeming to get bigger and bigger. And now I have the biggest purse (valise) I have ever owned.

I love big purses because you can put whatever you want into them. My oversized wallet, checkbook, beauty products, bottle of water, a notebook, a small dog, everything! But I also hate my big purse because I always seem to loose things I am looking for. My chapstick, my phone, keys, change, a small dog. It can be SO annoying.

And it is annoying for others, like when I am the one who drove and because my keys have fallen to the unknown depths of my purse I have to climb into my purse to try to look for them while people wait for me. Of course, they do love my purse when I can put tons of candy and pop for an outing to the movies or even when I can fit the entire Encyclopedia Britannic collection into my purse just in case we may need reference material while we are out and about. See it is love/hate.

One day I hope to become more of a simple person and not feel the need to take everything I own with me when I leave the house and therefore be able to get a much smaller purse. But I think until that day comes I am going to continue hulling around my satchel and the 10 pounds of accessories I carry inside it. I mean, that hand held vacuum does come in handy sometimes.

(That pic above is when I dropped my purse on the ground….thank goodness someone found it!)


  1. HAHAHA! I LOVE the picture. A DIAPER BAG wasn't big enough for the bee and me and I had to move up to a tote. I'm not ashamed. I love having half the house with us because I'm like a boy scout... always prepared.

  2. hahaha, I love how self-deprecating you are in the post! Your purse can be a bit rough to work with sometimes. Especially when the phone rings and you yell, "Can you answer that?" Yes dear, I can, if I can find it through the maze of receipts, Harry Potter books, and for some reason or another, ANOTHER purse (in case the first breaks down).

  3. this was a very comical post!

  4. HAHAHAHAHAH Too funny!!