Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Rebates Are Just Not Worth It.

So here are two examples of rebate offers that Terry and I got this weekend that I just find funny.

#1 – I got a printed out rebate on my Staples receipt for …..wait for it…..$1.00! Yep a whole dollar! Yippee. Now I know a dollar is a dollar and if they would have just given me a dollar off at the store (which seems more logical) I would have been pumped. But by the time I mail this off with my 42 cent stamp my rebate Check for $1.00 is more like 58 cents. I mean, come on. Really! I think I will pass…..and I think that is what they are hoping for. No one is going to want to waste their time for $1. I don’t think mail in rebates should be less than $5, everything else should be given discounted at the store. The best part was the cashier was like – “Oh you got a rebate! You just fill this out and send it in to this address and you will receive….um…a dollar.” You could just hear the tone in her voice change as she thought it was a waste too. I replied,…”Oh, I can’t wait to spend that rebate check!”

#2 – Terry enjoys the candy Mallo Cups. Why, I have no idea - blech. So there is a little cardboard card inside each pack of Mallo Cups. (I still haven't decided if this is for real or a joke) Each card has a 5 point value and the card says that if you save 500 points (i.e. 100 cards) then you can send it in to receive a $1.00 rebate check. Again with the $1.00 people. But the best part is that Terry and I did the math. A pack of Mallo Cups are approximately 89 cents. If you have to get 100 that is $89.00. And then you have to mail them and lets remember you have 100 thin pieces of cardboard so you are looking at spending at least a $1-2 on postage to mail. So we are at around maybe $91.00 so that in 4-6 weeks you can get a $1. Eat up babe!

Oh how I love illogical things.


  1. hahahahaha, you should treasure how many $1.00 rebates you get. There are strippers in Toledo who would love that dollar.

  2. ...and you will receive... a dollar."

    I can imagine how enthusiastic that Staples cashier was about telling you that.

    I'm laughing.

    Awesome, W.K.

  3. wow - both of those rebates were WILDLY funny to read about. i LOVE them.