Thursday, August 28, 2008

Letter Writing – A Lost Form of Showing Others You Care

So my dear friend April (who recently just entered the world of occasional blogging here at A.D.’s Blog) does something that I think is very uncommon in today’s society. She writes letters. I truly love this about her!

Today I got a letter from her and I have to tell you, IT. MADE. MY. DAY. She always picks the cutest card to mail the letter in and the prettiest matching paper to write a nice little letter. She is so good at this, probably because she is just a genuinely sweet, creative and thoughtful person.

Unfortunately we don't always get to talk on the phone as much as we would like and though we email, there is just something extra personal and special about a hand-written letter. There is something so fun about pulling your mail out of the mailbox and amongst the bills, ads and junk mail you find this special envelope containing a letter from a friend. It is truly great!

I wish I was someone who did this more often for my friends. There should be no excuse, but I am sure I can come up with at least 20 right now. So , I think I am going to try to remain in closer contact with my friends by writing the occasional letter to them. Just random thoughts, pleasant stories, or just a kind “Hello” to bring a smile to their faces. Yep, back to the simpler times before the ease of technology took over our lives. Of course this doesn't mean I am stopping the emailing...I mean, come on.

Do you write letters? Would you rather write letters or do you enjoy the instant gratification of texting, IM, or emailing?

I know before I start writing letters I need to email and call my friends more often….it’s a flaw of mine, but do know I care and I try!


  1. The only letters I write are back and forth with my brother, but I LOVE the handwritten note.

    I love a good text, but so much thought must go into sitting down to write a letter, ya know?? I've written some to Athena for when she's older.

  2. I send cards all the time. Birthdays and Christmas of course, but random holidays too, like Easter and Halloween. And sometimes just because I see a card I think someone will like. Sometimes I include a letter (like for my grandma or aunt), but usually I just fill up the inside with a note.

  3. i used to write letters all the time. i have boxes of letters from college that i received from my pen pal, my parents, my boyfriend at the time, etc.

    getting letters when i was away at college was the highlight of any day. i wonder if it would be the same w/ e-mail?

    i do miss writing handwritten letters to my friend in england. we started out as pen pals in the 8th grade and are still friends - she was a bridesmaid in my wedding too. now, we just e-mail each other every couple of weeks.

  4. I love writing letters and notes. I oftentimes will write notes to my friends, surprise them before or after class, and hand it to them, just so they have something to read.

  5. I just remembered this - so I kept all my notes from junior high and high school. They are in shoeboxes in my attic. One time, after having been at college for a few years, two of my friends and I got them out and starting reading. It was fun until my friend Sara found a letter that Dolly (the other friend in the room) and I had written back and forth about her in math class. You'd think it wouldn't've been a big deal all those years later, but it was. When I clean out my attic, I might sift through those notes!