Monday, August 25, 2008

I Love...

Excel Spreadsheets!

Yes, I fully embrace my dorkiness.

So yes, I love excel spreadsheets. I love to create them and mess around on them. I enjoy creating them to calculate things such as my budget or bills, lists, or whatever I feel needs to be organized in list form. (It is part of my obsession with lists)

My newest excel spreadsheet is a list of foods I prepare on a regular basis and how much the foods cost me on average to prepare. That way I am able to tell ahead of time how much I will be spending at the store for groceries that week. It calculates out the meal, the ingredients, the quantity of each ingredients, the price per ingredient, and the total cost both per ingredient and per meal. AWESOME!

Friday I spent a good chunk of my evening in front of the computer formulating this excel sheet. Yes I did this on a FRIDAY night. You know right before I watched Stargate Atlantis, Pysch & Monk with my husband. Talk about a wild Friday!

So if anyone wants an excel sheet created for anything – I volunteer my services ;)


  1. Me too! Google spreadsheets are terrible!

  2. wow. i may one day solicit your services, as i HATE excel. ; )

  3. You're amazing.

    I am SO horrid at Excel. Perhaps we need to have some phone-to-phone training sessions.