Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Because I Can't, I Have To.

So our restrooms at our office are out of order. We have some sewage leak thinging (technical term) outside of our office - blech.

It started at 11:45 am today and a contractor won't be out until tomorrow between 10-12...boo.

I went over to my trusty hotel where I eat lunch on occasion to use their facilities. But now it is nearing 3pm and I am starting to get that feeling again. Of course I think because I have been thinking about NOT having the restrooms available when I need them that it makes me have to go more!! (I know, weird)

Of course our one boss told us that when we have to go we can just go home for the day. Which is great but no one wants to be the first to leave...so us girls are all trying to hold it - at least until it gets closer to the end of the day. I wish they would just tell us to go home!


  1. I feel your pain! Think happy thoughts and the feeling shall pass.

  2. Well, don't give yourself a kidney infection for Heaven's sake!

    At this point you are more focused on the bathroom and not going in your pants than on work, so it's better for all interested parties if you just left now.

  3. I noticed that there were several potted plants placed across the office. Just a suggestion....

  4. That sounds like torture. Are chamber pots looked down on?

  5. Ew, you should DEFINITELY be able to go home when there is a poop leak invovled.