Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Terry's 11 Inches of Love

So tonight was the night that Terry donated 11 inches of his hair to Locks of Love!!!

I think it is fantastic and really makes me happy that he actually WANTED to do this. (Not only because it is for a good cause but because I get to use this post title!!)


Cutting the hair

It is SO cool to know this hair is going to go to someone who needs it.

Now his much shorter hair and a little nub of ponytail hair :)


  1. You know what surprised me? Terry's 11 inches of love was heavy. I wasn't expecting that much weight or girth when I held it. I didn't even know he had 11 inches to give!

  2. OK. I was all ready to say something nice and sweet about Terry and his contribution. I really respect that sacrifice.

    But then I re-read your title and read Sad Panda's comment and now all I can do is laugh.

  3. Your title made me laugh out loud. Good for you Terry! I have never had the "balls" to give all my love.

  4. Oh Jenn, you went there. I've missed you going there :)

    That was so great of him to do!

  5. VERY COOL! that is so generous.

  6. Good for him! And those are some sideburns to beat all other sideburns I must say!

    I'd like to donate MY love as well... just as soon as I make up my mind as to what I'm doing with this hair.

  7. haha! It was pretty great of him, but I must say the girl didn't do a good job with his hair "style" you can tell she wasn't use to long hair on men. He is going to have to get it redone somewhere b/c it looks a bit weird at the moment. Or maybe I am just not use to seeing him with short hair.

    Nadja his sideburns are longer then his hair now!!! Dang metal heads ;)

  8. wow! Terry's 11 inches was 13...a full baker's dozen in college. he's lost some length- but it's really the thickness of the hair that counts.

    tell Terry Mike P says hi- and that I'm coming over to listen to records with him. :)

  9. Oh my gosh! I had no idea T's hair had gotten so long! Good for him for donating it... That's awesome!

  10. That's awesome that he did that! I donated hair last year and the best part is when you get a picture in the mail of a child wearing a wig made of your hair.

    (And those are some "3rd degree 'burns" he's sporting on his face!)