Monday, August 04, 2008

I Know I Shouldn't But.....

.....I may have gotten excited when a Michael Buble christmas song found its way onto my Yahoo radio today! Yeah, I know it is just turning August and it is still over 4 months till Christmas, but I love me my Christmas songs and I love Christmas so this was a nice little treat.

It also reminded me I need to get started on my shopping! I like to have most of it done by the end of October so that all I have left are some last minute, small gifts come Nov. & Dec.


  1. You got excited over the Christmas part and not the Michael Buble part? What kind of fan are you?!

    That being said, I would totally get excited too! Christmas songs are the best!

  2. it was the best of both worlds. MB singing Christmas music!! I mean really - awesome :)

  3. UG - you and Amber are WAY to productive when it comes to Christmas shopping! She probably has hers done already. Me? I can't let myself Christmas shop until after Halloween!

  4. Yes, Michael Buble and Christmas songs are a very nice combination.

    Please put "new laptop" on your list of things to buy for me for Christmas. Thanks!

    And yeah, Kay, I'm with you, no shopping for me until after Thanksgiving. It just doesn't feel right.