Monday, August 11, 2008

If You Need Me I Will Be Watching Movies

Update: The movies were shipped monday, we got them Tuesday, watched two Tuesday night, will be sending them back today and hopefully will get more in the next couple days! This is great! P.S. When I told Terry I would just wait to watch one of the movies friday he said "Jenn, we have to watch them now so we can get more. I want to watch as many movies as I can as quickly as I can." When I told him that was not the point of Netflix and asked him why he wanted to do that he said, "Because I can". And there it is.
So this weekend T & I finally decided to subscribe to Netflix! We have heard great things about it and thought to give it a try. We always get frustrated between the cost of renting at Blockbuster and never finding what we want there.

Our first batch of 3 movies will be sent today!!

Better Off Dead
Dario Argento: Vol. 1: Phenomena

I know, not the most exciting choices but T & I have different movie tastes so this is what we get.

It was funny watching Terry choose his movies. He was researching and making well thought out decisions before adding them to the list. Me on the other hand just started clicking! Oh, the other great thing that I was unaware of was the fact that some of these movies you can just watch online! How great is that.

I think that Netflix is going to be a great addition to our family. I can’t wait for the mail in a couple days!!


  1. Netflix is the Bomb! You can keep the movies for weeks if you want or send them back the nest day no pressure.

  2. I love the instant gratification. I put 'Dan in Real Life' in the mail on Thursday and got 'National Treasure' on Saturday. Speedy!

  3. Netflix is great. I must say that I am quite surprised that it's taken you this long to sign up. Especially given your love for movies.

    May it bring you and yours many years of movie watching joy!

  4. Netflix is DEFINITELY not lacking in the department of speediness! i used to have it and realized i just didn't make enough time for my movie-watching. i would rejoin in a heartbeat though.

  5. I think this is going to be a great decision on your part!

  6. You know, I keep going back and forth on whether or not to join. I love movies, but I have a hard enough time keeping up with the trash that fills my DVR.

  7. I think you've talked me into trying it.

    Does your husband see this as some sort of challenge do you think?

  8. Try it! You can do one or two at a time to see what you think. One movie at a time is only about $5.00 a month! Plus there is a two-week free trail! They had alot of kids movies for Ms Bee as well :)

    I REALLY think he does think this is a challenge. He also said to me, there are over 100,000 movies for me to watch and I plan to watch as many as I can. ok, well it is a good thing we don't want babies in the next few years because I know what my husband is going to be doing every night and I don't think it involves me! I may have to stick some of those "special" movies in our queue every once in awhile ;)

  9. We love Netflix. I think we were paying the employee's salaries at Hollywood video due to our late fees. Also in case you did not know. You can buy this little box that connects to your TV ($100) and you can watch movies instanly right on your TV.

    WE LOVE IT!!!!

  10. Oh I am lovin' Netflix too! Proud member for over a year now!

    *BTW love Better Off Dead, love John Cusack..."Two dollars, I want my two dollars!"