Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I Blame The OCD

As I am currently writing my third and final version of my grocery list (pending no more late additions or corrections this afternoon) I got to thinking.....damn I am so flipp'n anal!

I make lists for EVERYTHING and I just can't make a single list, I make multiple lists. I will have my drafts and then the final version. The final version is organized with (fingers crossed) no mistakes.

So my grocery list in particular is divided based on the order I shop (my mom started this). So all my veggies, then meat, then dairy and so on. Sure, some may say I have too much time on my hands (which I do), or what is the purpose of being SO anal...it is just your grocery list! But I like it mainly for one reason - I am NOT a shopper.

I see where I need to go, what I need to get, and I can get it and get the heck out of the store! I don't like to be in those places any longer than I need to be!

I have gone to the store with no list or with ones that are all helter skelter and it is much too stressful. Either I buy WAY more than what we need b/c I just don't know what we need, or I forget something I really do need, or I back track over and over trying to remember those things I need/wanted.

Anyone other list people out there? Can I get and AMEN for lists!!!

There is actually a website that has old shopping lists from people! really?!?! Click here
My favs: #78 it just says MILK...(you know in case you go to the grocery store for just milk and then get in the store and forget what you were there to get)! & #96...the very first thing on the list is Vodka...hehe!


  1. Since I don't usually go to the grocery store with a list longer than five items, I don't bother making grocery lists. However, I make lists for when I pack.

    My biggest thing is color coordination. Case in point: my assignment notebook. The assignments themselves are written in pencil, but the name of the class and the due dates are in black pen. Always black pen. The due dates are highlighted green. When I have an exam or quiz on a certain day, I will write for example, "Exam 2" and highlight that pink. Due assignments are highlighted blue. When I have finished all my assignments listed under a class, I will highlight the class yellow. And events, such as volunteering or study groups, are highlighted orange.

  2. I have to keep track every single day what Athena eats, how much, when, her napping, and her diaper. I've been doing this every day since she was born and can't stop.

    I have to count almost everything throughout my day (ie, steps to the bathroom, steps to the car, etc.) If I've made my grocery list and screw up on the last word I must rewrite the entire thing.

    This is all the mere tip of the iceberg that is my ocd.

  3. I should show you some of my grocery lists, you would be sooo jealous about their anal nature!

    I too, organize my lists. And they are in nice little columns, very nicely written. I do all the main departments - dairy, meats, bread, bakery, produce, frozen, canned, box meals (i.e. mac-n-cheese), drinks, home goods, beauty, misc. Sad, isn't it? haha - sort of sick seeing it all written out like that. I ALSO do a meal list every week. I do the meal list first, then write the grocery list.

    Anal list writers, UNITE!!!

    P.S. If my list gets sloppy, I write it over so it's all nice and neat.

  4. I am an obsessive-compulsive list maker. Check out this little online store of list-making/organizational products. I own every single one of them.


    And I also write my grocery list in the order in which I shop. Periphery, center aisles...

  5. i too make lists. i used to make fun of my mom because for every holiday or family get-together she will make a list of what we're eating.

    i no longer make fun of her...because i do it now too.

    my grocery list is grouped too -- again thanks to my mom.

    i make lists for when we travel, for what i need to do (i have so many 'to do' lists at work it's crazy).

    i feel lost without my lists. :)

  6. I love lists. I have a list of the lists I have. Seriously. I couldn't get through the day without it.

  7. HAHA! I am SO very happy to hear there are so many other OCD list makers out there!

    Nadja & Kay I do the same thing, if it isn't as neat as I would like it or I mess something up I make another list. I will keep on going until it is correct.

    I make dinner lists, lists for what I will do for the week, lists for what I will do for that day (with times of course), and don't get me started on my mini post-it note lists!!! I go through post-it notes like crazy!!

    (Nadja I count things too, my husband makes fun of me, he calls me Monk)

    twit - GREAT website! Thanks

    tlc - yep, my mom too! My sister and I got our compulsive tendencies from her...and I wouldn't have it any other way!

    P.S. I ended up making the list I showed above over again before my shopping trip. It just didn't flow right to me....I think it was the paper I used from work, not my typical paper....the list just seemed cluttered. ;)