Wednesday, April 09, 2008

You May Have Won This Time.

So I am NOT a fan of plain almonds. Nope.

I don’t like their taste nor their texture and I won’t eat them.

I have sometimes been ok with small pieces in chocolate, but come on…it is in chocolate so that doesn’t count. I would like to eat them b/c I know they have good nutritional value but I eat one and want to gag.

So last week I was shopping at Meijer and I got one of those free coupons you get at the check out. (Side Note: Are those coupons random or based on things you purchase b/c they always seem to be things I want? Hmmmm?) It was for a free bag of Almond Accents. I took it as a sign.

So last night when I was at the store I picked up a bag. I thought, hey they are free and if I don’t like them I know a couple people at work who would enjoy them, what the hell. But when I got to the Almond Accent section I saw that there were actually flavored almonds too…ok, you got my attention.

I ended up picking up Roasted Garlic Caesar. Click here for all their products.

So T & I tried them last night on our salads and I was pleasantly surprised! I started eating some straight from the bag. When I asked T. if he thought they were good he said, and I quote (I have to use the full thing for proper effect) “Fuck yeah those are good!”. I am sure the health benefit isn’t nearly as great as just eating plain ones….and that is probably why I like them, but I am converted as these little slices of almond heaven are delicious! (Next to try, Italian Parmesan!)


  1. hahaha, I can see him saying that.

    I should try these out; I too am not a fan of almonds, but if you find them delicious, it's worth a shot.

  2. I'm definitely a nude-almond lover; have never had the flavored. I LOVE them. I'm glad you've tried them and now like them! (I agree, the coupon was a sign.)

  3. I personally like anything that's coated in garlic.
    And yes, the coupons are distributed based on what you buy. They have to ! Why else would I get all those Hot Pocket coupons?