Monday, April 28, 2008

Set the DVR

So this weekend we unexpectedly found a fantastic new reality TV show!

Parking Wars

It takes place in Philadelphia and it follows the Philadelphia Parking Authorities (PPA) as they give out tickets, boot cars, and work in the ticket offices. This show is AWESOME!

Some people are cool and fun but many are complete assholes! I am sure parking is harder in big cities and can be frustrating for those living there, but these people get SO upset and angry with the PPA people! The PPA are so cool and some even talk back. I mean, if you are in a no parking zone it is YOUR fault you got that ticket, not theirs! And the excuses people try to come up with are priceless!!! I also like the people who say, I was only in there for 3 seconds. Really, 3 seconds. You got out of your car and were in the store for only 3 SECONDS?!?! Yeah, ok.

The show is on A&E, check your local listings. You can also go to the website and play a parking game! It is kinda like frogger meets a driving game, hehe!


  1. I love this show!!!! I want more! I guess five hours wasn't enough.

  2. I am totally the high score holder on the game! hells yeah!

  3. I will have to check it out.

  4. Sadly, this sounds like a show that I would be interested in.

  5. OK, well, I just found a new excuse to avoid work AND ignore housecleaning!