Thursday, April 17, 2008

An Evening At Home Depot

(This is a lengthy post. But it is necessary for me to warn others.)

So last night T & I headed to the Home Depot. But what started as a pleasant, spur-of-the-moment shopping trip turned in to a 2 hour annoying trip. (This is why I am not spontaneous.)

Yes T & I were at the store for 2 hours and the only reason it wasn’t longer was because the store closed.

In retrospect I will admit I made a few mistakes.
(Consider this a warning. Please don’t let this happen to you!)

Mistake 1 - This wasn’t a planned trip. We had a coupon and wanted to kill some time and thought, hey – lets go to Home Depot. No lists, no thought, no planning - not a good idea.

Mistake 2 - We didn’t have a list of what we needed. I wanted to get two things but I made the mistake of not asking T. what he needed before we left. I asked if he needed stuff from Home Depot and he said, “yeah, I have a few things I would like to get.” Typically I would say “What exactly.” But I was being carefree and spontaneous so I went with it. Another bad idea.

Mistake 3 – I let him push the cart. When I shop and don’t have a game plan (which is hardly never) I like to go down all the aisles to make sure I am not forgetting anything or to see if something will be a trigger to something I would like to get. When T. pushes the cart it is pure randomness at its finest. “Let’s go to aisle 4, no I need something in kitchen, oh lets go to lighting, where are cables, do you think we should get a generator?” P.S. Taking the cart away is not an option at this point. It is like giving a kid some candy and taking it away after one bite.

Mistake 4 - I mentioned I had some coupons. I had something where if you spend a certain amount you get a percentage off and no payments no interest for a period of time. Which Terry considers as a challenge to not only meet but also exceed that minimum amount. Even if it is one $3.50 light switch at a time.

Mistake 5 - I left him alone. Yep, I left my husband alone. In Home Depot. Do I need to say more. I think not.

Mistake 6 – We both went on an empty stomach which led to crankiness, discomfort, and the inability to make decisions. At one point we stood in the ceiling fan aisle for 15 minutes just looking at the options. I think 10 of those minutes we didn’t say a single word to each other, we just stared at the fans. What were we waiting for? I don’t know, maybe a new one to appear while we were there.

We left with many useful things for our home. But I also left with a message permanently ingrained in my head. Never, I mean NEVER be spontaneous when it involves my husband and home improvement stores.

K, your blog about having beer/alcohol at Home Depot…..It should actually be served to the wives/girlfriends (maybe along with some cheese & chocolate) AT the store as they enter so to relax them a bit so they can deal with their significant others craziness.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA, I would love to be the security guard in this situation. I bet they were just sitting there in some back room watching the security tapes as two crazy people were frolicking all over the store.