Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What Would Jesus Do….

Well I am pretty sure he wouldn’t cut me off in his Jesus van!

This weekend I totally got cut off while I was driving, by a van that had a bunch of religious bumper stickers on it. Some included “Are You Saved?, “Jesus Saves”, and “Jesus Hates Sin.”….to name a few.

Now it is no secret that I can’t stand a-hole drivers. Not being patient, not using your turn signal, acting like you are the only person on the road, driving carelessly or doing other things while driving…are all just a few things that people do that annoy me while driving. But you would think a vehicle making an effort to obviously spread some of their religious thoughts (through the use of bumper stickers of course) would be a little more aware of their surroundings and be a nice courteous driver.

Apparently the rules are different for them. (Do as I say, not as I do.)


  1. Bumper stickers in general annoy me. My biggest gripe are ones that are completely out dated. For example, the ones that are still promoting President Bush and John Kerry in 04. Really? You've been too busy for the past 4 years to take that off your car? Sorry to anyone who still has their 04 stickers, but it's time to let them go...

  2. 1.) This had me cracking up.
    2.) Don't ever drive in Mexico - that crap happens daily.
    3.) They were in a hurry to get to church. Be quiet. :-)

  3. (W.K. I'm totally kidding about #3. I would never tell you to, "Be quiet." I think you're the nicest person I know.)

  4. It would have been great if you would have cut this person off with a bumper sticker that read:
    "Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth
    (Matthew 5:38)

    Yes, that means you!"

  5. HAHAHA!

    TP, yes you are totally right...it was a church run! My Bad ;)

    K., I think I want to get that anyway for when I am driving! awesome!