Thursday, April 10, 2008

Only For the Cause

So one day in the near future I will be the owner of a pair of orange crocs.


Now before croc enthusiasts unite against me during this post I will say that though I am not a fan of the crocs I think to each there own. I own some things such as clothes and shoes that others may cringe at the site of. So i don't judge, much.

So why did I cave to the crocs? Well this morning I got a text from my dad asking if I liked crocs, to which I replied - NO. But then he said that these are special crocs and that part of the sale will go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for research. UGH...he got me with the MS research card, rats! The MS society is something close to my families heart and therefore I, of course said yes. P.S. That means you too K....I gave mom and dad your size as I will not be alone in this! And I am sure these will be handy when I am cleaning or puttering around the house. Indoors of course, with the curtains drawn, at night. I kid, I kid. But I am willing to look past my dislike for these "shoes" and wear them with pride (while no one is looking) b/c they represent something important to me.

They also have the same thing for the American Diabetes Association. So if you like crocs or want to give to one of these agencies, click here. They are $29.99 a pair. And I guess people really are buying these and love the idea because we are currently on a waiting list! So that means more money is going to the MS Society! YAY

Crocs, Inc. will donate $2 to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (National MS Society) for each purchase of the orange Beach style shoe pictured above. This shoe comes with a free National MS Society logo Jibbitz™ shoe charm to allow you to display your support for the National MS Society. Crocs, Inc. has committed to giving the National MS Society a minimum contribution of $25,000.


  1. I absolutely love that MS/Crocs have united for such a good cause.

    W.K. - you will end up liking them. Just wear them at home, around the house. Seriously.

  2. As someone who grocery shops in their pajamas, and rarely does her hair on the weekend - while I don't own a pair of Crocs, I someday wish to, because I hate the effort of having to tie a shoe. And they are uber comfy. I almost bought some Disney ones while on vacay, but they were $45. Yikes!

  3. Yeah, Mom and Dad told me this morning (at 7:30 by the way. Way before I want to be up) that I would be getting a pair as well.

  4. Orange Crocs RULE!!
    I am going to be needing a new pair soon I am wearing mine out.

  5. I inherited a pair of crocs from my m-i-l. They are very useful for slipping on to take out trash or any other time I need to walk outside real quick and just want to slip on some shoes.

    I must say they are comfy as well.

  6. I'm sure if you just wrote a check for $30 to MS research, more of your money would actually go to research, and the upside is you wouldn't have to own Crocs.

  7. What? Why is everyone such a hater of Crocs? I guess I don't understand. They seem comfy and fun...

  8. They sound like they would be great for around the house....I will let you know!

    Hurley, yes sending $30 directly to the MS Society would give them more money but I already send them money every year.

    I guess I just think that when two organizations team up like this that I would like to support them both, kind of like a thank you to Crocs (or whomever) for doing making a donation. The Crocs people are donating a min. of $25,000 no matter how much they raise. So if we buy more then I am hoping they will give more!

    Now if it was strictly a fundraiser through crocs where they were only to give $2 per pair of shoes and nothing else or anything other than MS, I would have been a bit more hesitant to get these b/c that is not enough money for that organization.

    I think it is so great Crocs is doing this!