Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Talk to me.....

So I think this question may have been brought up by other bloggers, but I just have to ask…..

Do you feel awkward when you go to get a massage or facial?

Last Tuesday I went to get a facial and I have to say, even though I love getting a massage and love how I feel afterwards; during the massage it is a different story.

First, you are put in a rather vulnerable position. You are laying half naked under blankets, in a small candle lit room, with music playing and a complete stranger massaging you. Yep, awkward!

I try not to think about it too much and relax but I have the type of mind that it is hard to turn off, and when I am someplace quiet or I am uncomfortable I think more. These are some things that ran through my head. Seriously, I just can’t stop thinking.

- Did she wash her hands first.
- What is she doing back there and what is she mixing together.
- This would make for a good scary movie, I wouldn’t have any idea she was about to kill me or poison me with some toxic lotion b/c she is behind me.
- I can’t breathe with this steam on my face. Why is it so hard to breathe in hot steamy air.
- I wonder if she ever pays to have someone give her a massage.
- Why do we pay for this stuff anyways, seems kind of weird to pay to have a stranger massage you.
- Wonder if she ever gets someone dirty or that she doesn’t want to massage.
- There is a piece of hair stuck in my mud mask. Oh it is so annoying. I want to touch it and move it so bad. Oh lady, please move it. Can I ask her to move it.
- Why is she massaging my collar bone/ chest area. Did I pay for this. Is that considered part of the facial area.
- This lotion burns a bit – she DID poison me.
- Don’t giggle.
- That picture is not straight. I need to straighten that before I leave.
- I hope she doesn’t sneeze.
- I need to blog this.
-I wonder what she is thinking.
- Good thing she doesn’t have bad breathe – ick.
- I hope we get a booth at PF Changs.

This is just a small bit of things going through my head. I wish I could just go and relax. Maybe I need to do some kind of yoga/meditation and learn to turn my thought off.

Anyone else have this problem, how do you relax?


  1. Ha! I enjoyed that internal dialogue! Those all sound like reasonable thoughts and concerns to me.

    I'm not a big fan of massages for many of the reasons you pointed out. Plus I tickle easy and I think they know it and like to mess with you.

  2. hahaha, "I need to straighten that before I leave." So your internal self is pretty much as OCD as your external self, I see.

    Oh, and the word verification below is "fcaecq." Rearrange fcae and you have face! And you're talking about facials! That is irony!

  3. Too funny! I get microderm on occasion and I can't relax through it either. I am also thinking "Did she just go to the bathroom and not wash her hands? I don't care if she does have gloves on!"

  4. I have this problem too (http://writehwriten.blogspot.com/2007/03/i-need-onoff-switch.html) and don't know what to do about it.

  5. I don't like facials or massages. I don't like to be touched. For all the reasons you just mentioned + some other very OCD ones.

  6. I loved your thoughts list. I go to my aunt for massages for a lot of those reasons.

  7. PS...NOTHING is as awkward as a brazillian.