Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Will Take Package C

So today is picture day at work.

(insert overly exaggerated eye roll here)

Why do they even need a picture of me?!?! I like to maintain a level of anonymity, don't want pictures of me floating all over the world wide web so that the entire world can see me! (That is what my myspace account is for!)

I just do not like getting my picture taken for stuff like this. I really thought the torture of being stuck with an awkwardly formal picture for everyone to see ended in High School, but apparently not. Of course I can laugh at my school pictures now, there were some pretty crazy hairstyles and outfits (what was I thinking) but at the time those pictures could have done major damage to a person. You get a bad class picture and here comes the teasing for an entire year!

So now that we are adults I would hope the fear of getting a picture like this would change. I am not so awkward in my body anymore, I know how to smile so I don't look like a complete dork, I know how to wear make up and my hair and how to dress for my body, I have with all those things I should be fine with getting my picture taken, yes?! But I am not. I still have that fear of, what if it turns out horrible! What if I blinked, or my one eye is half shut, or maybe my hair was sticking out on the side, or my facial expression looks like I just smelled rotten milk, and what if I am stuck with a horrible picture that will go out on the Internet for people to see. EEK!

Could you call this vanity? Well of course, I don't want a bad picture of me out there even if the only people who see it are the people I work with, who would?!?! UGH

(This sucks, If you need me I will be under my desk in the fetal position until this picture is taken.)

Update: Pictures were cancelled!! YAY! People must feel the same way I do about getting their pictures taken.


  1. P.S. Please visualize (if you dare) as I walk you through my "favorite" picture of myself from school.

    I had really puffy frizzy hair (remember when we all wanted the spiral perm in the early 90's), I had big I mean HUGE blue-ish black glasses (very attractive), I had a homemade, yes homemade red skirt with black polka dots and a matching red and black polka dot tie, with a white shirt under.

    OH, how I wish I had the picture with me!! I would totally share it!

  2. WK - My "favorite" picture of me sounds so similar....

    Shoulder length haircut with poofy bangs and a frizzy spiral perm, large pink plastic glasses and braces.

    Yeah. We all have our awkward times of life, right?

  3. I totally remember that outfit. That was something.

  4. Congrats on being victorious over the photo people!