Thursday, September 04, 2008

Photo Parade - Breakfast

So I only really crave "real" breakfast type foods (eggs, pancakes, waffles, etc) a few times a year and it is usually for lunch or dinner when I want them. Like Dr. T., a bowl of plain Cheerios with milk is the perfect weekend breakfast. During the week a cup of coffee and a breakfast bar is a must.

HOWEVER, when I was in New Orleans a few years ago I loved breakfast and that is because of the two places we went. Café Du Monde and The Camellia Grill (which, on a side note reopened in 2007 after it had to close b/c of Katrina after being open since 1946)!

Cafe Du Monde makes these beignets (fried donuts with powdered sugar) that are amazing! (pic above) You will leave a powdery mess craving more! The Camellia Grill is this very very small diner that has just fantastic diner food in a fun atmosphere. We had breakfast there but it serves more then breakfast, I think my parents had their famous pecan waffles and I had an omlet. The cooks/servers wear bow ties and when they shout back your order they use slang for what everything is called. It is great!

So to me - when I think the best breakfast I think of these two places in New Orleans!


  1. i'm hungry and want to go to New Orleans.


  2. funny, i had JUST heard of the Cafe du Monde LAST WEEK! some of my coworkers where there recently and half of them insisted on the group sipping on hot coffee and lattes in the middle of summer/afternoon heat, as sweat was dripping down their backs!
    now i am hungry for these items!

  3. Mmmmm... that was absolutely delicious! Their omelettes were absolutely incredible. I want to eat one right. now.

  4. Those look awesome!

  5. I will eat some for you ok! Hey you know you can get the beignet mix from cafe du monde. I always buy a box for people when they come for a visit. Surprisingly they taste EXACTLY the same. Tomorrow is my b-day and I was looking forward to going to Brennan's for Banana's Foster. Have you ever heard of them? I think they came up with the BF. Not sure. But anyway I was hoping to go there. Oh well.
    Let me know I could send you some beignet mix.

  6. Oh, we love our banana's foster! I have never been to Brennans (my parents have and loved it), though we did go to Commanders Palace and had their banana's foster and it was pretty darn tasty! And I love when they make it at your table.

    I will have to order some of those mixes - yum!

    I really miss New Orleans :(