Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It Pretty Much Goes Without Saying.....But I Will Say It Anyways.

I have the best sister in the world! Sure some of you may disagree, especially if you think YOUR sister is better but you just may not have met mine, so we will leave the discussion for another time ;)

So anywho - I got these flowers pictured below for my anniversary....from my sister! Yes, she drove up to my work and hand delivered these BEAUTIFUL flowers to me! Um, thoughtful. They were absolutely gorgeous and I was SO surprised! It made my day :)

So thank you K, you are so must get it from your attractive, considerate and completely modest older sister.

Yep, I think she is a keeper.

Just so you don't think T is a slacker in this surprise flower department - we had a deal - NO GIFTS (flowers included)! :D


  1. That IS nice! You do have a great sister.

  2. Have you read my book?? My sister is WAY better... and by better I mean batshit crazy wenchbag.

  3. haha, how did you know my sister's nickname!?!?!

  4. How nice! That was very sweet of her. Especially with gas prices and all. I mean, she could have just left them on the kitchen table that you all share...

    Did she take Terry flowers too? It was his anniversary as well. I'm sure those flowers would have really brightened up the car parts store!

    Since I don't have a little sister, I will join you in saying that you have the best one.


  5. Ladies, ladies, please, you are being far too modest with your comments. I think we should all take the time to really say how completely awesome I am. Don't be shy now.