Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Pair Gone to My Extreme Strength

So I have again broken yet another pair of sunglasses. Ugh I wrote on my blog awhile back about the fact that I go through about 3 pairs of sunglasses a year. I am so hard on my sunglasses, obviously. I hate this, because I find glasses I just LOVE and then they break. I really really try to be careful with them, but after a month or so I am back to my same old habits, such as wearing them on my head, throwing them in my purse, throwing them in general, and just wearing them so frequently that they break.

So I guess it is back to Target to try to find yet another pair of sunglasses. Maybe in an attempt to stop throwing my sunglasses around I should buy one of those sunglass cord things that hook to your sunglasses so you can just let them hang around your neck when you are not wearing them! Hehehe – maybe in hot pink or purple?!?!


  1. What did you do??

  2. Pink or purple sunglass cord? Sooo... don't take this the wrong way but I will be walking about five steps ahead of you when you're wearing those. FYI.

  3. I have no idea how I broke these, but I am guessing it had something to do with the fact that these were in my purse and the long fall down to the abyss of my purse broke them.

    Currently I am wearing my spare pair of sunglasses and like yours, they are not nearly big enough to cover a ridiculous amount of my face. I don't think they even cover the circles under my eyes. If you can see my cheek bones they are too small.

    K. would you prefer blue???

  4. I bet you could single-handedly start a Croakies come back.

  5. like you, i am careless with sunglasses and therefore do not spend a HUGE amount of cash on them.
    that being said, would a case to put them in help? or would you forget the case (like i would) and continue to throw them around?

  6. haha, TL - I would go with the later. :) Though I would try for a couple wouldn't last!