Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Think I May Have A Problem

Yesterday while I was looking for my chapstick in my purse I realized that I really need to clean out my purse. I just throw everything in there and then forget about it. (Remember my other post about my purse?) Why do I think it is really time to clean out my purse, well because of some of the things I found during my latest purse excavation.

So here are some items I have in my purse: A large roll of clear packing tape with the orange tape cutter attachment (who doesn’t), a bar of homemade lavender soap, 2 large bottles of pills (one cranberry the other pain), a wallet the size of a normal person's purse, gloves, a smaller empty wallet, 3 bottles of nail polish, probably about $13+ worth of change, an empty sandwich sized ziplock bag, a nail file and nail buffer, spare buttons, travel bottle of mouth wash, 2 travel bottles of hand sanitizer, rubber bands, mardi-gras beads, a ring in a box (not to be confused with something else in a box – think SNL), 10 pens, a nearly empty roll of toilet paper, bills, a book (I hardly even read!) and tons of random pieces of paper and post-it notes.


My bag weighs probably 8 pounds. That is just ridiculous, but I would like to say that I have a very logical (to me) explanation of why everything is in there.

I think this weekend I will be doing a full cleaning of my bag. And I also think I need to down size my bag from overnight/carry-on size to tote size. Of course, who am I kidding...a couple weeks after I do this it will be right back to what it is now. I have a problem.

So is there anything random or in excess of in your purse at the moment?


  1. Athena has totally taken over my purse. It's full of diapers, toys, hand sanitizer and pacis.

  2. Um, I probably shouldn't admit this, but you all know I'm crazy anyway. My Edward Cullen action figure travels everywhere with me. In my purse. He has a special pocket. Yes, indeedy.

  3. I need to know why you have an empty roll of toilet paper. Please tell me the "logical explanation" for THAT.

  4. i need to know why you have a LOT of things! with this much change and a roll of tape with a cutting device on it, i'm surprised why you don't have chronic shoulder pain and all of your fingers are not missing?!?

  5. As much as I love and admire you, I too am at a loss for words to explain why you would have an empty toilet paper roll in your bag. Now, granted, we don't have tissues in the house so maybe you used toilet paper when you were sick. But the last time you were sick was...?

    I have an array of receipts and, not surprisingly, my Nintendo DS + games.

  6. My two favorite things? The packing tape with the orange tape-cutter-thing and the nearly empty roll of toilet paper.


    Next time, please take everything out of the purse and display it. I'd like to see that picture.

  7. Well the nearly empty roll of TP is because we were leaving for the weekend and I had sinus problems and we didn't have kleenex. (not as funny knowing the truth) Why it stayed in my purse for nearly 2 weeks after the fact is the question you should be asking!!