Wednesday, April 08, 2009


(I am not intending to hurt anyones feelings but I am angry and I am not going to keep this in. This is MY opinion. If your opinion is different please, please share. If you can answer any of my questions PLEASE DO. But please if you feel like you need to be an asshole on my blog, I would appreciate you just don't leave a comment.)

So I try to avoid political blogs as I try to keep my overall blog semi-light and humorous, plus I know 1) people get turned off by political blogs 2) people are TIRED of political blogs 3) people get so highly passionate about politics….hence the length of this blog.

However, I have had ENOUGH and I would like to say that I am sick and tired of people being SO overly critical of President Obama. I am not talking about having different ideals then him and being critical of those issues…OF COURSE people should have different view points. I am talking about people who just will not even give him a chance and seem to have such a strong dislike, even hate for not only the people who voted for him but more importantly what the man stands for and what he does that they call him names and bring him down when they can. (I am sure if they could they would find fault with the way he wipes his ass.) There is a difference between disagreeing with him politically and just being a smug and condescending asshole towards him.

Like I said, you shouldn’t agree with everything one person is doing but this over critical attitude is unacceptable. The fact remains there are people who didn’t like Obama from the beginning and I am afraid to say will never like him, no matter what he does. They will find fault with even the “good” things he does and find joy in the “bad” things he does. It is almost like these people want Obama to fail just so they can say, see I told you he wasn’t qualified for the position.

I also had a discussion with someone and they said, “well you were very critical of President Bush.” Fact remains; I may not have agreed with Bush’s ideas and stance on things when he entered the office but I gave him a chance. He was our President and 3 months into it I was NOT calling him names. I have NEVER been afraid to admit when I am wrong and I truly try to be opened minded with everyone. Even after 9/11 I stood behind him and supported what he did. I may not have thought war was the best option, but like many people I was angry and figured that he would unify us as a country and that the President had OUR best interests in mind. After a couple years I saw that this was not going the way it should and it took those YEARS of false promises and poorly running our country in many many other areas other then just the war for me to ultimately loose respect in President Bush’s judgment and ability to run OUR country. Yes, the last few years I have been VERY critical of where he has taken our country and many of the things he has done over the last 8 years but I gave him a chance and I have every right to be angry with him and how he ran our country. Plus, I have always tried to project my frustration/concerns/opinions in ways that have been semi-educated in nature and not strictly based on my emotions. But even any smug comment I made was left to myself or to only those people closest to me. Even then, there was a line I wouldn’t cross. But SO many people are not even giving President Obama a chance to fail or succeed. It hasn’t even been THREE months since he has taken office and some people are acting like it has been 4 years of him just fucking up as President.

And I ask why? Why is it SO hard for people to be open to him? Is it strictly because you are SO against how he plans to run things? Is it just simply because he is a Democrat and you are a Republican and you have different ideals? Is it specifically just HIS ideals that upset you? I mean I personally find it very hard to believe that him being a Democrat is the lone reason for this hatred because we know BOTH parties have their issues and neither has gotten it right 100% (or even 50%) and if we can not even be OPEN to others ideals and perspectives without criticizing everything they stand for then we are fools. So what is it, is it just not liking Obama? I REALLY want to know because that alone is not enough to be acting like this towards him a few months in. Bush messed up many times and was not perfect. You have to see that and can’t keep covering up for him and all the bullshit he did while in the position as President. And will Obama do things that people do not agree with? YES. And will he mess up? YES. There hasn’t been a President who hasn’t, but only time will tell to what degree they mess up. But the big problem I have and the difference is people are not giving him a chance and instead of giving constructive criticism and educated opinions they have resorted to 5th grade name calling and back-handed comments. Yes, very mature.

Or is it because you simply never wanted him to be President and think he is not qualified for the position as President? Well then you just need to drop it, as there is nothing you can do about it as he IS President. I understand your frustration just like I am sure you understand how people felt when Bush was elected not once but twice. Welcome to a Democratic world and the freedom of choice.

Could it be because you feel he is over “commercialized” because he is on magazines and t-shirts and all over the place in the entertainment media? Because "he" blogs and twitters or because he goes on talk shows while he is attending corresponding appointments? Well I say, so, and I don’t get this either. Over the years people have been so worn down that what does it matter if people are looking to someone to try to change the status quo and give them, dare I say the word, hope. I agree that there are some people who may think he is going to solve everything and put him on a pedestal that he doesn't deserve or even want for that matter, but this is NOT the majority (as much as you wish it was) and I too get annoyed with these individuals and think they are being unrealistic…but again, this isn’t the majority. JUST because you support Obama and wear a shirt showing that support or proudly display a bumper sticker on your car doesn’t mean anything more then the fact that he is OUR President and if that is how an individual wants to show their support then really what difference does it make to you. NONE. And think about how much people adored Reagan and Kennedy….if they were in 2009 they could have been treated the same way…dare I say at the time they were treated like Celebrities. It is a phase and will die down, just like it has in the past. Obama took a different approach and is reaching out to people in different ways. It isn’t taking away from him running our country; it is getting the word out there through different avenues.

And if you think it is because how much the MEDIA praises him then you also will realize how much they also criticize him. Hello Fox news. In the end, it goes both ways and though I listen to the viewpoints of the mass media I really take what they have to say with a grain of salt. Anyways, it is hard to give a rats ass about what the media thinks anymore. The minute they started making Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and anything else pop culture related headline news was the minute I lost all respect for what they had to say. If it is the media that is making you upset about Obama, turn off your TV. And if you think that people & the media are “brain washed” by Obama, as I heard one station suggest then I really don’t know what to tell you because I can not have an intelligent conversation with claims like that.

We are at a time right now that is scary. Many of us have never seen anything like this before and there is a lot of uncertainty. I know many people do not believe that Obama has the experience to handle this and that he is not the person you wanted in office. But it is done. At this point instead of constantly tearing him down in such a mean and ridiculous way we should be coming together to try to support the direction of OUR country, which means supporting the individual running the country. PLEASE have your opinions and thoughts about what is going on but do it in a thought out, intelligent and respectful way and don’t just make back-handed comments about him because you think you are being funny and showing your loyalty to the “other side”. That just furthers the divide between people instead of us coming together. Give him the time he DESERVES to show you what he will do for our Country. He alone did not put us in the position we are in and I do believe he is trying to do what is best for ALL OF US. I don’t know what is going to happen and I have my concerns as well, but I will also not unjustly tear him down if he doesn’t deserve it. I am supporting him as President of our Country. And when he gives me just reason to not agree with him or be upset with how he deals with things, then you can bet I will say something. But this unwarranted bullshit name-calling and constant criticism has to stop.

In the words of my mother, if you have nothing nice to say about someone, don't say anything at all.


  1. I don't think you're crazy at all. In fact I pretty much completely agree with you, which makes it impossible for me to answer your questions. There are people who hated Obama to begin with and they are never going to see anything positive in what he does. He failed before he started. And on the flip side there are people who won't see anything that isn't the work of God which is definitely not reasonable either. I mean he's going to make mistakes let's not put him up on an unreachable pedestal. It hasn't been long enough for him to make major changes. I am a huge Obama supporter, but there is nothing we can do for him now it's all in his hands to make it happen. So we'll see what he does and if he can live up to what his goals are.

    As far as criticizing Bush... it's hard for me to say he didn't deserve it since I'm super liberal. But the kind of criticism most Repubs are complaining about, like you said, didn't start from the beginning. It took time for people to see those mistakes as what they were before the super angry Bush-hating started. He had a chance in th beginning, at least from my perspective.

    I also get nervous about putting anything political/religious on my blog but sometimes I just can't resist. You never know who you might totally offend. It's nerve racking sometimes.

  2. I just heard Ted Nugent in an interview talking about how badly he hopes Obama fails. It's just disgusting. I don't expect, nor do I want everyone to agree with him, his choices or all of his ideals. But to hope that someone fails is simply amazing to me.

    I agree with some things, I very much disagree with other things. I was the same with Bush and Clinton (and before that, I'd say I was too young to care.)

    "My choice" has not always won, but I would never, ever, ever hope that "the other guy" fails. I don't think I'd ever be that closed minded to think that someone elses ideas just might be better than mine or the one I agree with.

  3. I agree with you as well. It has been 11 weeks since he was inaugurated into his presidency. It took a lot longer to get into this mess than 11 weeks it is going to take a lot longer to get us out of it.

    I don't know why anybody would want him to fail. It is OUR country that would be failing with him. Like him or not he needs to stop this downward spiral that someone else has put us into.

    I pledge allegiance of the United States of America....
    United we stand divided we fall

  4. absolutely.


    well said.

  5. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Why does EVERYONE act surprised with how the President is treated immediately following the inauguration? This happens EVERY TIME. Every President is scrutinized, and viewed through a fine tooth comb (this will continue to take place throughout his Presidency). Unfortunately, it comes with the job. Americans are DESPERATE for CHANGE right now. What most people fail to understand is that CHANGE takes TIME. If John McCain had been elected President, people would be calling him names, and placing the blame on him.

  6. I agree with you completely B. Sarah, you too. Ted Nugent is a flaming asshole (and also ignorant).

    I didn't agree with all of Bush's policies, but really found it disgusting that we had a show making fun of our own President WHILE HE WAS IN OFFICE. Terrible.

    Obama is making waves and he really needs America's support.

  7. Ah - good for you for writing a politically-based post.

    My two cents:

    I think politicians are like hidden pictures, anyone can see whatever they want to see in them.

    Unfortunately, the haters always need someone to hate. And, well the lovers always need someone to propel into sainthood.

    I agree a bit with anon - all of this relentless nit-picking comes with the territory. Luckily, I believe we just might have a president who's able to handle it.

    As you know, I'm definitely not an Obama lover (nor am I a hater)...

    But yeah, the constant cloud of criticism gets a bit old sometimes.

  8. Thanks for your thoughts!! I like when I can post things like this and it is welcomed and we can share our thoughts in a respectful way.

    I do agree that he will be and even that he SHOULD be "scrutinized, and viewed through a fine tooth comb". My problem doesn’t come from overall criticism (even though it can get redundant and old at times I welcome that) but more so it is the extremeness and even hatred that people are spewing towards him in the form of back-handed comments and such. I have heard more then enough from even just people around me (though I won’t post any as that is not fair and a few of these people are my friends).

    I do not recall this level of negativity and harshness with the last two Presidents, at least in their respective first elections. I never wanted to be angry with Bush, I WANTED him to suceed and prove me wrong. Maybe it simply has to do with the current economic times we are in, I honestly don’t know. I guess I just come from the mind set that it is a waste of breathe to be mean towards others and for people to criticize things that have no basis in the work he is doing and the political atmosphere and just hating to hate before even seeing what he can do is ridiculous. I would respect your differing opinions, criticisms, concerns and worries much more if you would put them down in thought out ways and not nasty and snide side comments that have nothing to do with the work he is doing. “Be more constructive with your feedback. What? Why? Why?” For you Sad Panda.

    Anyway just my opinon, and OBVIOUSLY this is way I would NEVER make it in politics!!

  9. I can't imagine anyone being anything but desperate for this man to succeed. Maybe I'm naive, but I go into each term with a hope that this person will do some good. Did I agree with Bush? Not in the least. Did I support him? Absolutely.

    And what irritates me the most is that some of the worst offenders are people that bitched and moaned about the over-the-top Bush bashers. Peep this ya'll: YOU'RE JUST AS OBNOXIOUS AS THE PERSON WITH THE IMPEACH BUSH STICKERS ALL OVER THEIR CAR.

    But really, this is an excellent post that I wish people would pay attention to. There are some people CONSTANTLY tweeting hate that I can barely tolerate anymore.

  10. One Question: Why was it okay then (not saying you per se), but for others to do the SAME THING to Bush...only worse? The criticism isn't going to stop, no matter who the POTUS is. I don't get offended anymore...what's the point?

    In answer to your question:
    As far as hating Obama, I personally do not hate the man. He seems like a pretty cool guy. But I didn't vote for him because I wanted a cool guy as POTUS (as some may have). I dislike his politics. He is a Socialist and I do not subscribe to Socialism or Communism for that matter. This spending spree is insane. I don't want him to fail because that would mean that we as a nation fail. Prove me wrong O! There are Republicans I don't really care for either. I really wasn't a HUGE John McCain fan, but for me he was the lesser of two evils. (All politicians suck, let's face it!) I don't think Bush was the best POTUS we ever had, but he certainly wasn't the worst. I do believe he had the best interest of our country in mind, but he made errors. Whether Obama is qualified or not isn't an issue because he already has the job. I am not a hater...just not a believer. (He also happends to be my husbands boss and he is not thrilled about that.)Democrat or Republican...doesn't matter. What matters is the good of the country. I don't ONLY associate with Repubs. If we all agreed all the time we would be nothing but a bunch of lemmings.
    I do love political humor though, even towards the conservatives. Sometimes you just gotta laugh cuz it's all you can do!