Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thanks For Visiting Little Buddy

So for nearly 9 months we had T's brothers cat as a house guest. However this past weekend he finally went back home with K. I have to say, I was really sad. I got use to having this big goof ball of a cat around. He seriously was just that nerdy fat kid that tried so hard to be everyone's friend, and you just loved that about him. He was also a snuggler, loved to sleep with us at night and loved to be picked up...which by the way our two cats hate.

Right away Sebastian and Socrates formed an instant (I have to say it, sorry) Bromance. They loved each other and we ALWAYS caught the two of them sleeping together. Sebastian has actually been a bit lonely this week without him around. Belle on the other hand, well it took her a good month or so to warm up to him, but eventually she came around - as she didn't have any other choice. The two become friends and would wrestle all the time. Though I don't think she misses him that much, and is probably relieved he is gone (more attention for her).

So in honor of our little friend I decided to post some pictures that we took during Big Red's time visiting. Tell K. to bring you back to visit soon!

Oh and this is also the bitch cat I think farted on my pillow. He is sneaky like that, but I think he was just pissed he was going back home ;)

Belle & Socrates

All three soaking up the sun

Kitty "bunk beds"

Snuggling on our bed

He is just one fat cat (him playing with a toy)

This is how he chills, on his back legs open

Best Friends Forever

Alone in the "mancave"

Just looking out the window


  1. Looking at these pictures makes me miss him more. Sure I don't miss him scratching to be let into my room at 4:00am, but I miss that snuggler!

  2. oh, wow, he is one fluffy cat!