Monday, April 27, 2009

It’s My Party and I Will Get Contagious Conjunctivitis if I Want Too.

Yep, I have officially been quarantined in my house today and by the recommendation of my employer not allowed to go to work as I have pink eye in BOTH eyes. UGH. (I prefer to call it by its formal name, conjunctivitis...sounds much cooler then pink eye.)

I have NO clue were I got it, and I sure hope no one farted on my pillows… backs are a bitch. I started noticing it Saturday, as I celebrated my birthday weekend with my family. Yeah, fun times. It then spread to my other eye Sunday and by Sunday night I just felt (and looked) like crap. I will spare any gross details of the symptoms, but it totally sucks waking up and not being able to open your eyes AT ALL because they are stuck shut.

So I went to the doctor and got drops and today I am doing the following on my "day off":
- Washing sheets (that were just put on the bed Saturday night)
- Washing all the blankets on the bed...just to be safe.
- Washing towels
- Disinfecting door handles, railings and other things that I may have touched (even though I am washing my hands frequently and being careful)
- Getting rid of my contact cases and saline
- And what makes me sad, getting rid of the following make up items: My favorite MK mascara, a three pack of eye shadow, 3 awesome eye brushes, and the saddest departure is with my bare minerals under eye concealer and brush :( What sucks is I only wear make up a few times a month so alot of this stuff is hardly used. I am really really trying hard to logically come up with a way to keep my makeup....but I think it is going to have to go.

oh well, at least it is nice outside today and I guess this is an excuse to get more makeup!

Now, and much more importantly I had such a lovely weekend with my family!! We hung out Saturday afternoon and then went to Carabbas for dinner. We had a very tasty dinner with some delicious sangria! When we came home we opened presents and had some Wixey Bakery cupcakes for dessert! Sunday my mom and I made a great brunch consisting of french toast, scrambled eggs and bacon. I love having them up here!

I also got some very fun and thoughtful gifts this year. I got some crocheting needles and supplies, a gift card to Finders, some CD's, a new wii game, an oven safe cooking pot, Giada's cookbook, some bowls, and a Wii Fit*! Thank you T. & family :) So now my birthday "week" has come to an end and it was wonderful, conjunctivitis and all! Now the countdown to 30 can begin.

*I will write more about my Wii Fit in an upcoming post.

May it be known that Conjunctivitis has a number of different causes, including:
Bacteria (such as gonorrhea or chlamydia)
Irritants such as shampoos, dirt, smoke, and pool chlorine
Allergies, like dust, pollen, or a special type of allergy that affects some contact lens wearers
Conjunctivitis caused by some bacteria and viruses can spread easily from person to person, but are not a serious health risk if diagnosed promptly.

**Fecal matter is not the ONLY way you can get this!!

I have my theories on how this happened. One I went to the DMV and got one of those eye tests. My one cat has also been caught sleeping on my pillow this past week. I also find it funny that even though I am on medicine, people freak out about it. I can't wait till this is gone.


  1. Oh no! You guys must have done some wild partying wherein you got CC from some random stranger at Carrabba's. Sangria will do that to you every time.

    Sounds like a good weekend inspite of your disease :)

  2. So do you think your cat may have farted on your pillow?

    Never fear. AVON mineral makeup is super cheap.

  3. HAHA!

    Mickey D., yes I did some wild partying at Carabbas! Last year in my 20's and it was all or nothing :)

    AthenaBee...I KNOW that cat farted on my pillow. He is like that ;) and my sister and I already have a list of items we want from Avon to replace what I threw away, and then some!

  4. We may share mostly everything, but please, let's not share this...

  5. I hope you're feeling better! I'm sorry you had to get rid of your makeup. I would have cried.

  6. I've been periodically laughing throughout the day as I picture your cat farting on your pillow with malice.

  7. I hope you are better by now, but I have to say that when I read "farted on my pillow" I died laughing!