Monday, November 01, 2010

Finding The Happy - Halloween!

So Nadja over at Athena Bee's mentioned this thing she found and was participating in called "Finding The Happy". It is where you take a picture (has to be a picture you take) of something that makes you happy along with a caption as to why it makes you happy. Your happiness can be anything you want!

I thought I would do this, as it is good to always remember those things that make you happy. So here is my picture….followed by a few extra!

This makes me happy…..carving pumpkins with Terry and Kristen! Here are the finished masterpieces!

Kristen’s is the bat on the left, the center one is Terry’s "signature" pumpkin,
and mine is the one on the right.

Close ups…. 



Every year we carve our pumpkins together and it just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside because we are all in the kitchen at our own little spot concentrating on our pumpkins. It is just nice. Really really nice.

Now I know I am only supposed to post one picture, but along with this what else makes me happy is Halloween and all our awesome decorations! Here are a few of our decorations. I say a few…because there are more I didn’t take pics of.

All our pumpkins & outside decorations!

Outside during the day...pre carving!

Our lantern and is that a ghost in the window?!

It IS a ghost in the window!

Pumpkin doormat

I looooove this!


Bobble head on speaker 1 w/ candle

On speaker 2

Terry made this in elementary school. love it!

Hmmmm....wonder where I got these amazing items?!?!
LOVE them!

He glows....spooooky!

See all our little Halloween decorations mixed in with our wine?Can you say wino's?!

This little guy is my favorite!

I love Halloween!!!

And a bonus for making it to the bottom....a picture of Kristen and I when I believe she was a year and half and I was 9 or 10!


  1. LOVE EVERYTHING! Love, love, love! We have that same exact old-school plastic pumpkin dude (your seventh pic from bottom). He was my mom's and she always put him out. We have another one (similar style, plastic bright orange) that is a scarecrow.

    It's official, I've decided - we're getting together next Halloween. FOR SURE!

  2. I love your pumpkins! That IS warm and fuzzy that you guys carve together!

  3. I love the pumpkin mat AND the old photo. I think we had the same TV. ;)

  4. Aw, I love this! And super-extra-bonus points for the picture of you and your sister as little ones. :)

    We are NOT decorate-y kinds of people, but I love this. And LOVE that you have a pumpkin-carving tradition. T cannot be bothered. :)