Monday, November 01, 2010

NaBloPoMo – Joining The Bandwagon!

Ok, I am joining in and going to give this nablopomo thing a try!  Of course be prepared for some days of just pictures and more twitter-esq posts….but I do want to post more and even post a couple posts each day GASP so lets see if this helps!  Blogger Confession: I also want more comments and want to regularly comment on other blogs, so I am hoping with SO many people doing this everyone will be all about the blogging this month. Yeah I know, but I think we would all agree that when we get comments it encourages us to blog more….don’t you think?!  I am really excited to read more from other bloggers. Can’t wait to see what everyone will post about this month!!  FUN

I will post something else later this afternoon.  

So stay tuned.........


  1. YAY! I agree on the commenting thing - let's encourage each other!

  2. I am starting to feel some pressure to actually blog on a regular basis.

  3. ditto, ditto, ditto! comments are fuel!

  4. Yeah! I'm so glad so many of us are doing this! :)