Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Incase You Haven't Heard K&I Are In Business!

Incase you haven’t heard yet my sister, Kristen and I have become Tastefully Simple consultants!  Now while I promise I will not constantly use this here blog to talk about Tastefully Simple….please do not get turned off if you see the occasional post about Tastefully Simple and current discounts and promotions!

I thought I would take this time to answer some questions you may have about Tastefully Simple!  So here we go…..

“Aren’t these products just snack type foods, how adaptable are they to regular meals?”
VERY!  I had a misconception of their products as well, but have found out that their products can be used in so many different ways.  Not only are their items delicious, they are easy to prepare and very versatile! Seriously their products are not just for casual snacking; you can find a wide array of uses for ALL of their products including everyday meals, special occasion meals, & ideas for entertaining.  Just take a gander at this website full of creative, quick and tasty recipes using Tastefully Simple products!  K & I have made it a point to include at least one meal item at each party we do, as well as providing suggestion cards with more meal ideas!  I will also be posting some of my favorite recipes to my blog.

“Jenn & Kristen, these products sound great but I live far away. How can I order food from you?”
Well no worries!  By going to our consultant site below and creating an account through the Tastefully Simple website you can order from ANYWHERE!  Yes, anywhere & at anytime.  You do not have to be invited to a party or be near us to enjoy all the fantastic foods available to you.  Just add the items to your shopping cart, pay online using the TS secure website, and once the items are shipped you will receive a tracking number from UPS letting you know when your items will arrive.  Most orders are received in less than 10 business days.  It is that easy!  And you can go back to that site anytime you want to place an order.

“But what if I want to taste the food before buying it?”
Well we got you covered there too!  Kristen & I would be more than happy to put a party together for you, your family and your friends!  We will provide you with all the Tastefully Simple products and invitations, you just need to purchase a few extra ingredients and invite as many people as you want!  By having a tasting party, you can sample a variety of foods while also having a fun time with your family & friends!  And as a host you will earn rewards based on the total number of sales that will allow you to get free Tastefully Simple products of your choice!

“Are there other types of parties available?”
There sure is!  If you do not want to have a tasting party you can have a catalog party instead.  You just send out invitations to your guests and they order everything online….you do not have to do anything after you send out the invitations!  And with a catalog party you will receive the same host rewards as you would with a tasting party!  How easy is that?!   And to make things even easier, we offer electronic invitations that you can send to your guests no matter which party you choose to host.  Electronic invitations are a convenient and easy way to communicate with your guests and track your RSVP’s.  Plus, with the evite your guests can order online even if they live far away! 

“I want you to be my consultant, but I have ordered from others in the past online. How do I change that?”
Well first - we thank you!  And it is easy – just follow these simple steps to change your consultant.
1) Log In to your account on the Tastefully Simple website using the link below.
2) Once logged in go to the Top Left of the page and click “My Account”.
3) Scroll down and click on “Edit My Consultant”
4) Then to the right you will click a button that says “Choose a New Consultant”.
5) You can search using my consultant ID 0110558
6) Once you find my name (it is under Jennifer Howard) just click “save” to save me as your consultant!  You will never have to change your consultant again! :)

“What if I don’t want to order now, but would like to order later?”
No problem, you can order any time you want be either logging in to your account at our Tastefully Simple website or by sending us an email using our email address.  I will also be sending out emails when I am placing an order….just as a reminder incase you need something.  Also, if you ever just want one or two items please let me know as I may have products available for sale at my house or I will add it to my quarterly order so you will not have to pay shipping and handling.  I will deliver the products to you personally!  And remember, there is NO PRESSURE to order.  I am just here when you need something.

“Do you have promotions, discounts, or information you can send?”
Yes we do! I will also be sending out monthly promotions and/or newsletters, so please send us your email (if we do not already have it) and save our email address in your address book so you do not miss any of the specials we provide!  We also offer ½ off items and many other exciting discounts throughout the year.  So just look out for our emails….and I promise, we will not bombard you with information, just the things you may be interested in knowing.  And if you ever want us to take you off our email list or if you have a new email address, just let us know.  We promise, we will not take it personally if you are not interested in receiving these emails.

“Can my friends and family order from you?”
OF COURSE!  We would love if you want to forward our information to any of your family and friends!  Like we said before, anyone can order though us and YOU are the best way to share our information!!  We truly appreciate when you let others know about us!

Here is our website and email address for your records, I will also post it soon on the side of the blog.  If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to ask!  Kristen and I are more than happy to help you out the best we can.

 Email address: jenn.kristenTS@gmail.com

Thank you in advance!!
Jenn Howard & Kristen Waltz

If you ever want to host a party or know of someone who does, please contact us at jenn.kristenTS@gmail.com


  1. Let me tell you something, the cheddar potato soup has been made multiple times with different added vegetables and it's quite the dinner time hit in this house.

  2. Yay! I'm definitely keeping you guys in mind for gift ideas!