Thursday, October 07, 2010

Talk To Me – Current Likes and Dislikes

Let’s keep it simple today, shall we.   
By simple I mean uncomplicated….yet still long-winded.

I Am Rather Keen About…..

* Variety Puzzle Books – Oh how I loves me a puzzle book!  Seriously looooooooove. I have at least a half a dozen newish variety puzzle books in my house at any given time.  I enjoy them because they keep me entertained and I suppose keep my brain sharp-ish and Terry likes them because they keep me occupied so he can hang out in his man cave guilt free.  Perfect for everyone! I recently bought a little lap desk (you know with the foam little balls stuffed in the bottom) and it has an LED light on it so I can sit anywhere and work on my puzzle books. Yep, that is how much I love me my puzzles.  As for my favorite kinds of puzzles I love Logic puzzles, word searches, number puzzles, and my most favorite are the Framework puzzles (the one where you have a bunch of words and have to get them to fit into a blank puzzle based on the number of letters in each word)…I rock at those. 

* Bread & Butter (or margarine) – I very well may have a love affair with buttered bread.  I have a hard time resisting buttered bread – translation I never resist buttered bread and go looking for it whenever I am hungry….or not hungry.  I love it as a snack, as an accoutrement to my meal, or as my meal.  It goes with everything, preferably something with more carbs like pasta or potatoes. And give me warm bread with a cinnamon butter on it….uh, hello! Perfection.   Yes, I know I should eat buttered bread in moderation. But my moderation is eating a salad with 4 (instead of 6) pieces of buttered French bread.  Seriously. I. LOVE. IT.

* Amazon – If I was rich, I would spend at least an hour a day buying stuff from Amazon and sending it to people. No Joke.  I. LOVE. THEM.  I do about 85% of all my gift shopping from Amazon and the other 15% usually includes the few things I cannot find on Amazon OR because I am being forced by my husband to go out and shop and interact with living people (blech).  Otherwise it would be 100%.  I love the prices, free shipping on nearly all items after $25, and that their delivery is super quick.  Examples: I ordered stuff on 9/13/10 at 9:00pm with the free Super Saver Shipping (5-8 days) and received the package on 9/17/10! WHAT?!   That wasn’t even 4 days!  And I ordered a gift for Terry on 9/30 and it arrived the NEXT day on 10/1…with the standard 3-5 day shipping! They are awesome. Amazon will forever hold a special place in my heart.

* Fall TV Starting – I am a TV addict.  I love me my programs and get genuinely excited when my shows come on.  I also get annoyed when people feel they need to talk or make noise during my shows and will pause the show and glare at them with displeasure until they stop what they are doing and shut their trap.   All the new Fall shows are starting and once again our DVR’s (of course we have 2) are starting to fill up.  It is fantastic.  If anyone needs to talk to me, please do so before 8pm as after 8 I will be sprawled out on my couch enthralled in my favorite shows until I go to bed.

* FALL!!!  Cool weather, sweatshirts, jeans, sitting by the fire, the smell, pumpkins, cider, gets darker earlier, scarves, gloves, Halloween, the leaves changing….and pretty much everything else!! I LOVE YOU FALL!!

* Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and/or Dr. Pepper Throwback.  I am a huge fan of these products as they are made with real sugar and not high fructose corn syrup.  I think they taste better and I like the idea of using natural sugar instead.  Plus the cans look cool. I hope they keep bring this back.

I Strongly Have An Aversion To…..

* Facebook or Social Networking Drama – Ugh.  I have a loooooong post(s) coming about this but I have to say that even though myself and many people I know are not in High School anymore and have kids and/or mortgages and/or significant others, it feels like at times these social networking sites revert many people back to immature teenagers.  It is ridiculous.  Recently I got confronted and de-friended by the wife of a family member for “liking” a comment on Facebook. WHAT? Come on, really?  How old are we now?  Apparently you are 14.  Some people need to just get over themselves and grow up. We live in a world where it is easy to sit behind our computers and puff our chests and say whatever we want without worrying about other people.  I like to keep in mind when I am on these sites that I ONLY post what I would say in front of someone or to their face.

* Those little dark hairs I get on my face – If you do not get these you are lucky.  I only started getting them the past 4-5 years and I LOATHE them.  There is nothing like seeing little black hairs grow randomly from your chinny chin chin to just annoy the bejeebers out of you.  Tweezers and high magnification mirrors have become my obsession friend. 

* Political Commercials – HATE THEM. OVER THEM. I don’t want to see them. Grrrrrr

* Clothing stores that don’t put the total savings on your receipt – I do not enjoy shopping but I do enjoy saving money and like seeing exactly how much money I have saved on every receipt I get.  It is a form of validation that my purchase was completely justified.  Well I went to the store the other day and bought a couple sweaters that were on major sale, plus I had a discount for them.  Let’s just say it was some BIG savings.  So I get my receipt and as I cheerfully walk out of the store knowing I just saved a bunch of money (on something other than car insurance) I look to see exactly how much, and I see the receipt just has the sale price but not a “Total Savings” section on the receipt. WHAT?!  Come on.  Though I get the same result, it is just not the same having to add up the prices on the tags and them subtracting them from your sub-total to find out your savings. (Yes, that is what I do if there are no savings on a receipt no matter how many items I have to add up.)  Big companies - It is nearly 2011 and our economy is in the toilet….give me something to make me feel better about the money I do spend!

* Plantar FasciitisI have this and I have to say it is killing me.  Of course I need to go get an X-Ray… soon as I want to find time to shave my legs and paint my toenails.   When I started working out over a year ago, I didn’t always stretch appropriately before working out and my Dr. and WebMd both think that between that and as my ever so straight forward Dr. says, being an Amazon and overweight, has led to my problems.  Ugh. The pain use to just be in the morning, but now it is constant and I can feel it ALL DAY LONG even if I am just sitting down.  And if I try to workout or do a lot of walking or standing in a day, I am done for about a day or two after.  It makes it harder to lose weight when you can't workout without hurting. I fear I am going to have to purchase something else I strongly dislike….orthopedic shoes. *shiver*

* The new Ohio license plates. I do not enjoy seeing these license plates.  I think they look like a cross between a really bad cartoonish interpretation of a Bob Ross painting and one of those paint by number watercolor books. BLECH.  Hate them.  We are from Ohio, let’s just keep it simple.  I really don’t need Ohio’s failed attempt at “artwork” on my car.  Nope I am sticking to the red and white plates with the outline of a pale blue sun.

Please feel free to share your current likes/dislikes!


  1. Oh man, I feel you on the FB drama! I'd say 80% of my 'friends' are moms...and they constantly complain about the most immature things. It drives me insane. You'd think they were 21 years old, struggling to pay their rent, not married, no kids, crappy job, can't afford to eat dinner..... NOPE, they are stay at home moms, have beautiful children, husbands who make good money...etc, etc. And yet, they whine and post drama filled posts about she said this, she said that, blah, blah, blah. I've hidden so many people because I can't stand reading it any more.

    I guess that's what bugs me. And people who can't drive the speed limit, and people who break into cars/homes this time of year. And I could go on...I'm in a mood. ;)

    I do LOVE Fall!!!! Love pumpkin patches and apple fritters from the orchard. And the ice cold beer I'm drinking to unwind. Ha!

  2. Likes: THIS POST!

    The bread post was awesome. I love real butter but must have the unsalted kind so I can salt it myself. It's a sickness. It's amazing.

  3. I agree with Iris Took - LIKE this post!

    I totally agree with you on the FB drama! My aunt unfriended her nieces (my cousins) on Facebook last week because of an altercation going on between her and their father. Drama! You just have to laugh!

    My current dislike: that October isn't longer. I need more time to enjoy it all, to soak it all up, and to make more fall/Halloween themed crafts DARNIT!

    My current like: I made three zombie barbie's last night. They make me giddy because they're really funny looking.

    {My word verification is "farkma" - hah!}

  4. I LOVE BREAD AND BUTTER. OMG. I could make (and have made) an entire dinner out of this. (According to my parents, this is ALL I would eat the entire year I was three.) I am totally with you on this one.

    I also love the throwback sodas! The thought of actual sugar vs. the high-fructose crap is mui appealing. However, I'm trying to give up pop entirely right now, so... Blech.

    I, too, hate -- HATE -- the new Ohio license plates. Why the yellow?? It looks silly, I think. No thanks!

    Current dislike: My shower. It is stained with rust from our stupid well water, and clogged with my stupid hair, and I have to go unclog it now. BARF. Why oh why don't I have a maid to do this?? :)

  5. (Friend, TELL ME THAT YOU ARE an amazon prime member.)