Friday, October 08, 2010

Picture of The Week – Is This Good Motivation?

So for the full story behind the behinds of this picture please visit my weight loss blog HERE.

Yep…I am making you click links.  Sorry, but I have to give my other blog a little love too!


  1. This picture has always intrigued me. I am not sure if it is detrimental or motivational to put pictures of supermodels up. I am leaning more towards detrimental unless it is an actual attainable goal.

    For me - I don't think it is attainable merely because I am 5' tall.

    I would put a picture of me at my thinnest on the fridge and maybe a picture of my at my heaviest.

    Photos of airbrushed models kind of piss me off and may drive me to eat. I'm just sayin.

  2. I like that idea a lot. I actually have a picture that I pull out when I need to remember that even though it is taking FOREVER to get where I want weight wise, I have done something and made progress. It was when I was at my heaviest and I am wearing this awful bridesmaid dress that makes me look even bigger and it is probably the lowest I have ever felt. To think I am 50 pounds lighter than that makes me feel better and sometimes I forget it. And to post a picture of myself at a weight I would like to be at again seems like a great idea as it is more attainable then one of those non-eating aliens in swimsuits!

    I agree, even just looking online to post those swimsuit pictures made me want to eat a cookie instead of work out….so I am thinking it may not be a good thing!!